The Most Successful Aussie Reality Stars Ranked By Their Earnings & General Popularity

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Whether people sign up for TV shows for fame or for the purpose of the show itself is honestly neither here nor there at this point. But what is here is a slew of super successful Aussie reality stars who have used their newfound celebrity to build a lucrative brand (or in some cases, brands plural).

But the question is, who is the most successful?

Well, the good people at The Wash and Yahoo Lifestyle crunched the numbers to create an actual ranking of the most successful Aussie reality stars.

The team analysed “the followings, engagement rates, business ventures, media work, brand appeal, press coverage and marketability of hundreds of prominent Australian reality stars” to suss which ones were the most successful.

Let’s delve into it, shall we?

5. Sam Wood

Coming in at #5 is The Bachelor star Sam Wood.

After winning our hearts as the lead Bachie bloke back in 2015, the health and fitness expert launched his fitness brand 28 by Sam Wood. He later sold the company for $71million in 2022 to myDNA.

As pointed out in the article: “if this was a rich list, Sam would be at the top.”

3. and 4. Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley

Next up is the Life Uncut hosts, Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley.

The ex-Bachie babes launched their lifestyle podcast years after their stint on reality TV and it’s doing pretty damn well!

They’ve even won the Listener’s Choice award at the Australian Podcast Awards for a third consecutive year.

They also have their respective side hustles: Laura is a jewellery designer and Brittany is cementing herself as a radio host.

2. Harry Jowsey

The runner-up is old mate Harry Jowsey who you’ll recognise from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

The bloke now lives in Hollywood and is making BANK on OnlyFans. He earned an estimated $4 million in two years on the platform.

Get that bread, babyyyy.

1. Abbie Chatfield

Unsurprisingly, the winner is our queen Abbie Chatfield.

Your girl has her fingers in a whole lotta lucrative pies, from her clothing label Verbose the Label to her new booze brand Spill to her podcast It’s A Lot and radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield.

Not only that, but she’s also returning to reality telly by anchoring a show of her own with BINGE next year called FBOY Island.

A local talent agent told the sites that this year Chatfield has made “at least $1.5million dollars”.

And she deserves every single bloody cent!

Do bear in mind that this list is unofficial, but I defs agree with this order.

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