Zayn Malik Has Finally Spoken Out About His Altercation With Gigi’s Mum Yolanda Hadid

zayn malik yolanda hadid

Zayn Malik has addressed his alleged altercation with Gigi Hadid‘s mother Yolanda Hadid in an interview that’s rocked One Direction fans across the globe.

The usually reclusive Zayn spoke to the Call Her Daddy podcast for an interview about his new music, life as a parent and why he left One Direction (!!!).

In the interview, he also opened up about being charged with four counts of harassment following an alleged fight with the grandmother of his child Yolanda Hadid, in which she accused him of “striking” and “shoving” her, as well as swearing at her.

Now, Zayn says he handled the situation “in the best way” he could.

“I don’t get involved when people talk online,” he told Call Her Daddy.

“My most valuable thing, for me, is time and I don’t want to be justifying myself.

“I knew what the situation was and I knew what happened, and the people involved know what happened, and that’s all that matters.

“I didn’t want to bring attention and I didn’t want to get [into] a negative back-and-forth with her [or] any sort of narrative for my daughter to eventually read.

“I believe I dealt with it in the best way and that’s all that needs to be said. It was a lot of negativity.”

Zayn said the issues were “family issues” that should be kept in the family, and then spoke about his two-year-old daughter Khai, who it seems is truly the light of his life.

He said co-parenting with his ex-partner Gigi was going fine, and that he is raising Khai on a farm in Pennsylvania.

“She didn’t choose [fame], that’s why we live here,” he said.

“I’m not shielding her from it because she’s going to get to an age where she has a certain amount of awareness and will know what’s going on. 

“I’m trying to give her an option and choose if she wants to be away from it she can come here. She will have a lot of options and whatever she wants to do in life she can do.”

He revealed he has Khai “50 per cent of the time” but if he could have her 60 per cent of the time, he would.

“As an adult, things go grey and she has bought the colour back for me,” he said.

Ugh, stop, I’m actually feeling emotional.

Clearly Zayn Malik and his family have been through some shit, but the way he adores his kid… my parental issues are really jumping out, huh?

You can read all the rest of the bombshells he dropped in the Call Her Daddy interview here.

Image: Getty Images / Gary Gershoff, Call Her Daddy