PSA: A Major Astrological Shift Just Occurred And Everyone’s Relationships Will Be Impacted

Have you been experiencing abject chaos in your relationship and dating life in general? What am I talking about, I know you have. Both Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season have been wreaking havoc on everything, including our love lives. But they’re both over now and Venus in Leo is here to offer us the hottest reprieve possible.

If you spent the last full moon begging for that spark of ~romance~ to return to your life, then Venus is about to answer your prayers and manifestations.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new astrological cycle we’ve just entered…

What is Venus in Leo?

Remember how in Sailor Moon, during the character Sailor Venus’ transformations, there was a swirl of hearts around her? Well, that’s because Venus is the planet of lurve and since it’s just entered fire sign Leo, naturally, things are going to heat up in the realm of love.

This is a time for passion, desire and feeling yourself (and others… if you have consent, of course).

To add to the melting pot of love and romance vibes, Leo rules the heart chakra, so your love zone will be illuminated.

What happens during Venus in Leo?

Single? Well, over the next three months, your dating life will be absolutely peaking. Expect matches galore and all the boys, girls and theys coming to your yard (damn right!).

You’ll be extra magnetic and alluring and in turn, you’ll also find everyone around you magnetic and alluring. In other words, you’ll be feeling horny as hell.

If you’re committed, your relationship is about to enter a renaissance.

Have things fizzled between you and your boo? Expect your spark to return BIG TIME. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you end up taking things to the next level.

This is also a time to experiment in the bedroom and enter new realms of excitement and pleasure.

Whatever your situation is, I love love love this for you!

How long does Venus in Leo run for?

As I mentioned, this is a three month love affair, running from June 5 to October 8.

Matty Galea is the Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer. You can find him on InstagramTwitter and TikTok.