December Has 3 Planetary Events & 2 Meteor Showers, So Here’s WTF It All Means Astrologically

Have you read your horoscopes for this week yet? Well if you have, you’d know that there’s a full moon eclipse in Gemini tonight, which brings with it a butt ton of chaos and drama. But in addition to that, there are five (5) mega space events going down this month that’ll be visible in Australia (including a meteor shower or two) and with them comes unique kinds of craziness.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect.

Phoenicid Meteor Shower

Date: December 2.

Visibility: Tomorrow’s meteor shower will be most visible to us Aussies (hell yeah!). We’ll be able to catch a few shooting stars each hour throughout the night, according to 7News.

So… what does it mean? Generally speaking, astrologers view meteor showers as a sign that major changes are coming. It also portends changes to environmental and political structures (hmm…). They typically strike during times of great change (double hmm) and represent an opportunity for improvement.

Close approach of Venus and the Moon

Date: December 12.

Visibility: At around 3am AEDT, your girl Venus will be in very close proximity to the Moon. At this time, the Moon will be only around four percent illuminated as Venus passes within 45 arcminutes of our orbiting satellite.

So… what does it mean? Think of Venus and the Moon as old gal pals who love to get together every now and then. And when old gal pals reunite, good shit happens, right? Same with this astrological occurrence.

Expect to feel a surge of positivity in your relationships and a strong desire to reach out and connect with people.

It may even inspire some horniness so keep your fuck buddy’s digits on standby.

Geminid Meteor Shower 

Date: December 14.

Visibility: There’ll be a stunning light show in the sky tonight so keep your eyes peeled, especially around 11pm. There’ll be up to 120 meteors per hour throughout the evening. The New Moon is also expected to rise, which should make for an even cooler cosmic display.

So… what does it mean? Of all the meteor showers to pass the Earth, the Geminid is by far the most spectacular. Not just because of its beauty, but because of its impact on us earthlings. See above for what meteor showers mean for us, but expect a more heightened version this time ’round.

Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon close approach

Date: December 16.

Visibility: This is one of the most hotly anticipated planetary events of the year as both planets will be in v. close proximity to the Moon. The best time to suss it will be at 8:15pm when the Moon is setting.

So… what does it mean? Saturn and Jupiter are both associated with spirituality, free thinking and liberation, so when their conjunction falls in a horoscope together with the Moon, it’s a monumental occasion. Expect divine inspiration and mind-blowing revelations and events to strike on this day.

Super conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Date: December 21 and 22.

Visibility: Jupiter and Saturn will be at their closest since 1623 (!!!) which is one hell of an occasion. Apparently you’ll need a telescope for this one if you wish to see the two planets as they come close to aligning, otherwise it’ll just look like one single planet (still gorg tho!).

So… what does it mean? As I mentioned earlier, Saturn and Jupiter are associated with freedom but, conversely, they’re also associated with leadership and authority. Expect a shake-up in leadership (could be positive or negative) as the two form a super conjunction on these dates.

Ready to see a meteor shower or two? ‘Cos same.