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Astrologically speaking, 2020 was always going to be an absolutely shithouse year.

We’ve already had a bunch of retrogrades, supermoons and other spiritual occurrences that have made things go awry, but leading astrologers agree that right now is the most batshit period of 2020, so buckle up bbs.

The single biggest planetary event of the year would be January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction — a rare meeting of two of the solar system’s most intense and most powerful planets, bringing with it major changes in our atmosphere.

On Monday, Mercury entered Gemini; on Tuesday night, Mars entered Pisces, and Venus stationed retrograde; and on Thursday, Jupiter went retrograde as well. That’s a lot of fucken’ intense planetary energy being sent out in just one week.

When this happens (which is super rare, BTW), it tends to give out a vibe of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, so that’s why you’re feeling so shit right now.

Looks, it’s not all bad.

Mercury — planet of communication and connection — moved into curious and social Gemini, which bodes well for your weekend festivities.

Mars’ movement into emotional Pisces would have compelled you to be more direct about your intentions and goals. But there’s a chance that your high expectations may lead to some disappointments, so beware of that. But if you can open yourself to dreaminess and unexpected possibilities, you may be rewarded.

Ya know how everyone’s obsessed with the dreaded Mercury retrograde? Well that’s not the only retrograde. Other planets go retrograde too and three of them have done the deed this week: Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. In addition to Pluto, which has been retrograde since late April, makes a total of four planets in retrograde motion.

They’re not quite as heinous as a Merc retro, but they will bring forth some bizarre energy, especially since it’s all happening at once.

Saturn retrograde is all about reflecting on what we’ve learned about our boundaries and our responsibilities in the world; Jupiter retrograde asks us to take a breather and focus on what we’ve accomplished rather than trying to tick off every item on our end-of-iso to-do list.

Venus is more of a tricky one, however, as it rules love, beauty, sensuality, and money. When it goes retrograde, you might experience drama in any of these areas.

Unlike Mercury, which infamously retrogrades three to four times per year, Venus retrograde only occurs every year and a half or so.

During this transit, we’re likely to face confusion and mixed messages in the realms of love, money, and beauty and be prone to making decisions in those areas that aren’t built to last.

It’s the stars’ way of telling us to review our love life and take stock of where we’re at emotionally and financially – which means spanners may be thrown into the works to make us question our relationships, plus our money sitch.

Venus retrograde is expected to last til June 25 so gird your loins, folks.