It’s the most wonderful time of the year, folks. No, it’s not Christmas, it’s not even Christmas in July, it’s Bachelor season, and the Bachelorette Australia lead star for 2021 has just been announced.

Australia’s Bachelorette for this year is, drum roll, pls…


This morning, Network Ten made the epic announcement that Brooke Blurton will be handing out roses to eligible folks later this year.

“Australia, say hello to your 2021 Bachelorette, Brooke Blurton. ???? #BacheloretteAU,” the post read.

Brooke Blurton starred in Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor as well as Bachelor In Paradise but sadly, she was unable to find love on either.

This is a huge win for on-screen diversity as Brooke is both Indigenous and bisexual, which also means that the format will probs be different as I’m hoping there’ll be both male and female contestants. We love to see it!

Let’s hope she’s more successful at finding love than her predecessors, Elly and Becky Miles who both failed to find a suitable partner on The Bachelorette last year. Not that it’s their fault, or anything. I mean, take Elly for example, the poor dear was stitched up with a bloke who allegedly cheated while he was on the show then pretty much ghosted her afterwards. Fucking ouchhhh.

It comes after the 2021 The Bachelor bloke was revealed to be Jimmy Nicholson, blessing us with some much-needed diversity on Aussie screens (and on screens everywhere, TBH).

The 31-year-old former model told The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential that he was hella pumped about signing on for the series as he’s v. v. v. ready to find lurve.

“I am ready to open up my heart and meet someone,” he told the publication.

He went on to detail what he’s after in a gal, so potential hopefuls, pls take note.

“I hope to meet someone with similar values that I can have fun with and that shares the same zest for life as myself,” he added.

The Bachelor franchise has produced many success stories and I hope to be the next.”

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will be coming to Ten very soon.