Reality TV salaries seem to pretty much be public knowledge these days as we keep seeing those numbers leak online and pervy fans ain’t mad about it. The latest leak comes from The Bachelorette as PerthNow shared a report yesterday, claiming to have gotten their mitts on the salary of 2021 Bachie babe, Brooke Blurton.

According to the site, Brooke Blurton is set to cash in “up to $250,000” for her appearance on the upcoming season of Ten’s dating show.

Daily Mail Australia reports that the figure is $50K short of what Sophie Monk scored on her season of The Bachelorette back in 2017, as she is rumoured to have raked in $300K.

And as for the blokes, apparently Matty J, who competed on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette, pocketed $200K to flash his toned rig for the cameras in his season of The Bachelor.

An “industry insider” told The Courier at the time that “Sophie will earn a lot more (than previous bachelors and bachelorettes) because her management would have negotiated well.”

Sophie had a singing, acting and radio-presenting career before joining the show, while Brooke and Matty J rose to fame from starring in previous Bachie seasons, so that figure is fair, I ‘spose.

An insider reportedly told PerthNow that Brooke plans on using the money to support her family, which consists of six brothers and two sisters. Their mother passed away when she was just 11.

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You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, The Bachelorette 2021 filming has officially kicked off and we recently copped our first lot of set pics, featuring queen Brooke Blurton, plus, for the first time in Aussie Bachie history, both male and female contestants.

Head here to have a peek at the piccies.

After being announced as this year’s Bachelorette, Brooke, who is openly bisexual, told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the show will “be casting male and females, applications are still basically open to make sure that they are casting the right people for me, which is really special.”

She added, “And they probably will live – sort of independently, both genders, which I think is probably appropriate, but more on a privacy level.”

The Bachelorette is coming soon to Ten.