Elly Miles Finally Reveals WTF Happened With ‘Shit Bloke’ Frazer & She Pulls No Fkn Punches

One half of last year’s The Bachelorette duo Elly Miles, the sister of Becky Miles, has spilled bulk Bachie tea on a new podcast, including what the hell happened her now-ex Frazer Neate.

The blonde babe spoke to former Amazing Race winners Tim Sattler and Rod Jones on their cleverly titled podcast, The Real House Husbands, where she pulled no punches when discussing her experience on the show and its aftermath.

She began by saying that she “tried to believe” that Frazer was the right guy as there was “genuine feelings” for him, and vice versa, but “shit went downhill” after filming.

“I just really, really, really wanted it to work out,” she said. “I think I held on longer than maybe I should’ve, but at the end of the day, at least I know that I did everything in my power that I could do.”

Elly Miles went on to say that their relationship “was just the best thing ever until he got out of quarantine and went back into the real world.”

“This is a bit of a quote from him, but he kept saying ‘I still want everyone to know that it’s the same Frazer,’ and I think he had a bit of an ego going on, like he was the top dog in Brisbane, and I think he just wanted to uphold that in Brisbane,” she said.

“The moment he got out of the Bachie bubble, everything started to go downhill, but for me it wasn’t a bubble, it was my life,” she added.

Elly Miles and Frazer Neate in the final ep of The Bachelorette 2020. (Credit: Ten)

From the moment that the finale aired, Elly Miles said she’s been pummelled with DMs from people claiming that he’s been cheating on her, which has long been rumoured.

“I even had a chick message me this week,” she said. “I still get messages to this day with people weighing in on my life.”

She says she was “naive and caught up and hoping the best of the situation.” But to this day, he has not copped to ever cheating on her.

But despite all of that, she said she’s actually stoked about the lessons she learned on the show as it made her a stronger person.

“Even though I went through a really shit time with Frazer and what I went through afterwards, I had anxiety and I’ve had to dig deep to overcome some trust issues that I’ve had as a result,” she says, “I’m on the road to being more self-aware and so connected.”

“Thank fuck I went through all that shit,” she adds. “While it was fucked at the time, it’s going to be okay.”

She adds, “He might have been a bit of a shit bloke, but he was a great lesson.”

Onya, doll.

Have a listen to the full thing here.

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