Cue The Waterworks, Elly Miles Has Confirmed Her Split With Frazer Neate In Gut-Wrenching Video

In a heartbreaking video posted to Elly Miles’ Instagram, she has confirmed the rumours that she and Frazer Neate have split.

In the 3 minute video, she talks about how hard the last few months have been, and how the pair grew apart after the show.

“Frazer and I are no longer together, we broke up over the weekend,” Elly Miles said in the video.

“It’s a pretty quick turnaround to thinking you’re going to be with a person forever, to being single again.”

Elly also addressed the rumours circulating that Frazer had been cheating on her.

“I know there’s a lot of rumours going around, I think I’ll just quickly touch on that. I know there’s a lot of allegations toward Frazer about you know, cheating on me and stuff,” Elly continued.

“Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. It’s not the reason we broke up. He says it’s not true. But fuck knows honestly?

“I want to thank everyone for their support. But yeah, I just want to put this behind me and move on with my life. I honestly gave everything I had to that show and to him. For it to not work out, it’s pretty devastating.”

A number of women have come forward since filming of The Bachelorette wrapped and said they were secretly dating Frazer.

So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto spoke to a number of these women, as well as witnesses who confirmed they had met people who slept with Frazer.

On Friday’s podcast episode, Megan said “there’s about eight” women that she knows of, who have allegedly slept with Frazer while he was with Elly.

“I met someone out who said that she had sex with Frazer straight after he left Newcastle last week. She showed me the exchange of messages, but wasn’t willing to send them to me. All I can say is wow, he really is the biggest super spreader,” one witness told Megan.

Poor Elly.