Our First Tiny Glimpse Of Brooke As Bachelorette Is Better Than Jimmy’s Finale, TBH

Brooke Blurton

Like clockwork: the first look for The Bachelorette has arrived smack bang in the middle of The Bachelor finale. It may have been just a piddly three seconds, but it was enough just to see Brooke Blurton’s gorgeous glowing face and get extremely excited.

The Bachie finale hasn’t even finished and I’m already over it and ready for Brooke Blurton’s season. THE FIRST BI AND FIRST NATIONS BACHELORETTE GUYS!!!! Finally, something a tad-progressive on commercial reality TV!!

Peep the trailer below:

If you aren’t familiar with our lord and saviour, Brooke, she first appeared on Honey Badger‘s season of The Bachelor (2018) where he infamously picked no one. Then, the following year she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise but unfortunately didn’t find the one there either.

Now, she’s trying her luck as The Bachelorette, where she will choose from both men and women!!

Bring it on baby, I’m so ready.