I Did A Tarot Reading For Every Star Sign Going Into 2021 & As A Sagittarius, Fuck Me I Guess

Now it goes without saying that this year was… unpredictable at best. I’m sure nobody could tell that 2020 was going to be a mess, I mean, just a year ago we were all saying ‘this is our year’, and now we’re shells of who we once were.

However, we have hope that 2021 is going to be, not a complete 180, but an improvement at least. A few things returning back to normal, and overall an enjoyable time compared to this hell year.

As someone who is really into tarot, (I live in the Inner West of Sydney, duh), I thought I’d give a really quick and general reading for every star sign to see how their 2021 will operate. And naturally, I’m gonna chuck in a few Aussie celebs who share that star sign, to maybe get a peek into what they’ll get up to next year.

For the reading, I’ll just be going off one tarot card, where usual full-on readings would use about 10 cards. Look, I’m doing an entire set of people here, we can’t be too specific.

As long as nobody gets The Tower in their reading, we’re gonna be just fine.

Leo – Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Alright kids, gather round. 2021 is represented by the Ace of Wands for all of you, which is a really good sign.

This tarot card represents the start of a creative venture, or some new work coming your way.

It’s basically all about new beginnings in the new year, which I know sounds very basic, but it’s a good sign for all you show-ponies to take a step back and get working on that thing you’ve always wanted to pursue.

Chris Hemsworth, for example, is an Aussie Leo, and for him, this would mean some new creative journeys in film, or maybe even some other sector of entertainment, and I for one am very excited about that.

So yeah, rest easy, you’re gonna have a great time next year my Leo friends.

Gemini – The World

The World

Fancy the Gemini’s to get The World. Very them indeed.

Now, The World is part of the Major Arcana, which to put in really basic terms, means it is one of the 22 big ones in the deck of 78 cards. It, therefore, has a lot more gravity and importance than the other cards, which can either be a good or a bad thing.

Luckily for you, The World is great. In simple readings, it can basically mean that you’ll have the world at your feet, but given that travel will likely still be off next year, that might be a cruel thing to insinuate here.

More broadly, the card can mean overcoming adversity and moving on to bigger and greater things, and what is more of an adversity than the year of 2020? Success and opportunity await you in the coming year, in all walks of life from love to career, so you better soak in the sunshine.

Donald Trump is a famous Gemini for instance, and for him, this would mean that he eventually overcomes his loss in the 2020 election and moves on to do better things with his life, or at least, better in his eyes. Scary yet also hopeful.

Sagittarius – Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

As a fellow Sag, I wanted so badly for the tarot card of 2021 to be something blissful and happy like The World, but alas, we ended up getting the Knight of Swords, so fuck me I guess.

To keep it simple, the card is generally about rushing into things and possibly hurting yourself in the process. This card is basically a warning for the upcoming year, telling us to slow the fuck down and not jump into situations without much thought.

This could be relationships, whether or not you’ll go to that party, a whole smorgasbord of things. Let’s just, for once, think things through. I know it’s hard, but hey, we’ve got this.

Aquarius – Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles

My friends, all that hard work is going to pay OFF in 2021. The Eight of Pentacles is a sign that all the effort you are putting into things, will finally be able to be enjoyed.

If you’re trying to master some kind of art, craft or skill, you’ll definitely have it nailed by the next year. This card is generally very wholesome, and respects that you’ve been doing the hard work in 2020 despite all the chaos.

Time to get out that hammock, pour out the margaritas and have a look back at everything amazing you did this year, be they small or large things, or even just making it through the year. You deserve to be proud of yourself!

Pisces – Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Lots of good cards so far, I am very impressed.

Much like the Ace of Wands up at Leo, the Ace of Cups represents new beginnings and starts, but where Wands usually mean creativity and job aspects, the Cups represent emotion.

So yeah, 2021 is going to be an emotional reset for all you Pisces folks, which is just super fitting for your star sign. You’re going to come into the new year with a stronger emotional build than before. This year has definitely done some damage to you emotionally, but its made you stronger for it.

Hell yeah, Pisces! You’re doing great!

Famous Aussie Pisces people include Bachelorette Becky Miles, who this card definitely applies to. It’s alright Becky, this was a tough year, but it’s going to mean your 2021 is even better!

Cancer – King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

Success. Maturity. Wealth. You’ve got it all coming your way my Cancerian friends.

There isn’t much to say here apart from, enjoy 2021, because it is looking great for you. Not even anything to do with your hard work or efforts, it’s just going to be a really good year for success, especially financially.

Famous Cancer kids include Margot Robbie and Dan Andrews, and honestly, after all they’ve done for their separate fields, they deserve to rest and revel in their earnings.

Libra – Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Ahhh, one of my favourite tarot cards for one of my favourite star signs. Is the guy stealing five swords and leaving two behind? Is he carrying too much so has to sacrifice some things? Is he maybe collecting the spoils of a victory and these are the swords of his fallen foes? Maybe he’s even heading towards the tents with five swords, meaning he’s overprepared himself for battle?

So many definitions, but I feel like one is more accurate for 2021. Libras, chill. There’s going to be a lot on your plate in the coming year, as there always is for you folks, but sometimes that can lead to leaving some things behind in your journey.

You don’t always need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, allow others to carry some of that weight for you. You’re not alone!

Swords usually represent mentality and mental health, so it’s important in 2021 that you don’t become overburdened with tasks and other things that may drain you. Take it easy my friends, you’ve earnt it.


Two of Wands

Let me keep it simple, because this one should be brief. 2020 was supposed to be your year for starting big new things and travelling heaps, wasn’t it Taurians?

Well, you may not be able to still do those things in 2021, but it’s good to remind yourself of what you’ve built for yourself this year in lieu of all that fantastic travel. One day, you’ll be able to see the world, but for now, it’s time to collect yourself, save up some money, and get yourself together so that your eventual trips will be fantastic.

Famous Aussie Taurians include Scott Morrison, who will one day have his beloved Hawaii trip, I’m sure of it.

Aries – Page of Swords

Page of Swords

Aries, you lot are READY for 2021. I don’t really think there’s much I can tell you here that you don’t already know.

The Page of Swords is basically about being willing and ready to jump into anything, but in a cautious way. Also being in the Sword suit, this tarot card channels ideas around mental strength and mental health. Basically, 2020 has strengthened you in all these fields, and you are ready to smash into 2021 with a fury.

Popular Aries man Osher Günsberg would agree that 2021 is going to be their bitch. Probably.

Scorpio – Three of Cups

Three of Cups

Bad bitches UNITE! It’s celebration season next year, so get ready to PARTY.

Does this mean the clubs will fully open up again? Who knows, but Scorpio season is all 2021 for you baddies.

I cannot stress enough how good this tarot card is, so truly do not worry yourself. Famous bad bitch Scorpio, Joe Biden, will definitely be celebrating next year as well, so pour one out with the legends around you and just soak in every little celebration that 2021 has to offer.

Capricorn – Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Uhhh… call your mum. Or your sister. Or that woman in your life that you love. She’s got some really good advice for you that can help in 2021, and all you need to do is listen.

Also, she may be able to help out in the field of finance, because it looks like you might need the assistance. And no, I do not mean they will give you money, but there are people in your life who are much better with money than you, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a very real conversation with them about maintaining earnings and success.

Sorry this got real Capricorns, but hey, it is what it is.

Virgo – Strength


The second Major Arcana of the group, and one of the good ones too (thank the lord we didn’t have to talk about The Tower or the Ten of Swords).

This tarot card means everything it tells you it does, strength. The power to overcome any obstacle, courage in the face of danger, wisdom in the face of adversity, bravery in the face of unfortunate circumstances.

2021 is going to give you all the power you need to take on anything, and you’ll be joined alongside Bachie stars Locky Gilbert and Elly Miles, who are Aussie Virgo royalty.

So yeah, that’s a wrap on 2021. Everyone is going to have a great year and I’m kinda shook. No bad tarot cards in this bunch, which is a heap of relief.

I’m off to go sleep now, carrying the weight of everyone’s futures is draining as hell.