Our Astrologer Predicts What Your TikTok FYP Probably Looks Like Based On Your Star Sign

It’s my opinion as both an astrologer and an avid TikTok user that your #fyp is informed by your star sign.

Whenever I discuss the TikTok algorithm with my pals, I’ve noticed that the TikToks that tend to show up in their feeds is linked to their star sign’s qualities.

Here, we’ve predicted what your TikTok scroll probably looks like, according to your sign.

ARIES – #TechTok


My 3 techtok tips for 2022 #carterpcs #tech #techtok #gaming #gamingpc #gamingvideos #techvideos #custompc #gamingsetup

♬ Neneng B – Instrumental – Roko Tensei

The commanding fire sign loves to be on the pulse of new shit so #TechTok keeps ya up to date with the latest tech trends.

Your #fyp is populated with cool tech hacks that you flex when you see your mates.

Either that or you gatekeep the hacks so no one else can use them, hehehehe.

TAURUS – #FoodTok


Reply to @chlochlo8858 💙 #cooking #food #foodtok #cucumbersalad

♬ Dreamy – Elijah Lee

My Taurean fam are inherently foodies at heart so is it any wonder that y’all absolutely devour #FoodTok?

You follow pages for cooking tips, new recipes and to watch wacky new food trends emerge.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re being bombarded by mukbangs as well, which very much mirrors your IRL desire to eat literally everything all at once.

GEMINI – #CelebrityGossip


♬ –

You’re not a true Gemini unless you’re following one of these pages on social media: Deuxmoi, Celeb Spellcheck, Aussie Influencer Opinions, Influencer Updates AU.

And lucky for my Gemini fam, both Deuxmoi and Influencer Updates AU are on TikTok, where you can watch the tea being spilled in motion.

Once you start following these pages, I’m sure all kinds of spicy celeb accounts and theories will start to pop up, which is a true Gemini’s dream.

CANCER – #CottageCore


Good morning from our cottage 🦆 #cottage #cottagecore #gardentok #gardencore #ducks #ducktok

♬ Flowers – Takashi Ogaki

It’s Cancer season as we speak and I’m sure you crabby peeps are skipping nights out in favour of cozying up in bed.

While you’re battening down the hatches inside, you’ll likely be reviewing all of the #CottageCore TikToks.

You may even be getting some ideas for how to make your downtime that much more ~comfortable~ by adding fluffy blankets and scented candles that you’ve spotted on the Tok.

LEO – #FitTok


MAJOR 🍑 GAINS incoming ! #glutegains #glutesworkout #fitdutchies #fullworkout #fittok #gymgains #fyp

♬ Sahara – Hensonn

Gym-loving Leos use TikTok for easy-as workouts that you can do on your lunch break and when you get home from work.

Either that or you’re here for new activewear trends so you know what to buy the next time you hit the shops.

Leos always love to know what all the other hotties are wearing so you can emulate their look but make it even hotter!

VIRGO – #CleanTok


CLEANING FOR FREE 💕 #cleaning #cleantok #cleaningtiktok

♬ All That Glitters – Earl

When Virgos are done making their own floors clean enough to eat off, they like to watch TikTokers do the same.

Not only that, but you neat freaks enjoy picking up the cleaning tips that are aplenty on the Tok.

There’s so much dark shit online but seeing #CleanTok vids pop up makes my heart feel all warm and wholesome and I just know my Virgo pals feel the same.

LIBRA – #Satisfying


#farriersoftiktok #farrier #horsetok #farriersontiktok #horse #horsesoftiktok #oddlysatisfyingvideo #oddlysatisfying #satisfying #asmr #fypシ #fyp

♬ original sound – MaupinFarrierco

Librans are all about balance and the ~aesthetic~, which is why they love to watch shit that satisfies their senses.

Whether it’s a horses shoe being cleaned out, bubbles being popped or colourful items being crushed, Librans love to be aesthetically pleased.

SCORPIO – #WitchTok


Who is your Soulmate? #love #readings #tarot #spiritual #spiritualtiktok #fyp

♬ Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Every Scorpio has a natural affinity for witchy shit like crystals, manifestation, and for the ~witchiest~ among us, even casting spells and making magical brews.

So whether or not you’re following the #WitchTok hashtag, I’m sure you’ve had witchy TikToks pop up in your feed.

I often spy videos of tarot card readings that supposedly predict the future. As a tarot card reader myself, I generally don’t subscribe to the idea that digital readers can predict the future for the masses, it usually needs to be a 1:1 personalised reading that picks up your solo energy for it to work.

But I still like to watch them just for the ~*magic*~ of it all!



Dreaming of summer already, what about you? 🌞 #tiktoktravel #fyp #europetravel #traveldiaries


No one is more envious of all the people living it up in Europe RN than my Sagi mates.

You’re curing your travel jealousy by stalking #TravelTok for sick holiday inspo.

Before you know it, all your mates will be envying you and your international vacay.



♬ –

The hardworking earth sign is always on the look out for side hustle ideas and ways to make and save dosh.

Enter: #MoneyTok.

Not gonna lie, most financial influencers are absolute tools, but I’m sure you’re following the non-insufferable ones for top $$$ tips.

AQUARIUS – #ConspiracyTikTok


At 3am when Aquarians should be in bed, you’re scrolling through TikTok, reading all the wild conspiracy theories you’ve spotted on there.

Some of them are total BS, and you know this, but it’s still fun to suss them out.

Your mates cop strange TikToks delivered to them at all hours of the night that you just have to pass on to keep others in the know.

PISCES – #CutePets


#fyp #fun #memes #cute #petdog #foryou #funny #pet

♬ nhạc nền – Pet Funny

Being alive can fucking suck sometimes, so Pisceans numb the pain of having to work, pay bills, interact with other humans etc by looking at cute kitties and puppies on TikTok.

They can’t bear to see neggo shit online so you’ve tailored your TikTok feed to feature mostly cute pets and nothing else and I bloody love this for you.

No matter what sign you are, PEDESTRIAN.TV’s TikTok has sick-ass content for you! From celebrity interviews to food reviews, every star sign will be satisfied. Go suss it out!

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