Becky Said She Saw A Red Flag In Pete Right After Choosing Him On Bachie & That’s Gotta Suck

Becky Miles

After The Bachelorette finale aired last night, Becky Miles brutally revealed this morning that the man she had chosen, Pete Mann, had called it quits days after they returned home to start their normal lives together. It sucks, to say the least, but Becky is making the most of it. PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to her about exactly what happened after The Bachelorette finale, here’s what she had to say.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: So can you talk me through what happened after the finale?

BECKY: Yeah, so, after the finale Pete and I spent some time together. We spent about three days together and we had a lovely time. He was saying all the right things, “I was glad it was me” and “I’m glad you chose me”.

For me, I knew that Pete had some commitments with his work and his family so if things went well, I would’ve been prepared to move to Adelaide [from Newcastle].

I was just wanting to give it a bloody red hot go on the outside! So after we spent that time together –  I think it was about three or four days where we were FaceTiming each day – about four days after we spent that time together, we had a FaceTime and I just knew things were a little bit distant with Pete.

And I didn’t know what was going on.

He ended up opening up to me and said that he didn’t really feel a spark there and that he didn’t think he was the person for me.

P.TV: I’m a bit confused about what he meant by not feeling a spark?

B: I know, I was really confused by that as well. And I kind of said that to him, I was like, “How did you get to this point on The Bachelorette – you were in the final two, and we had all that amazing time together – and now we’re here?”

And then he expressed that he did – because I asked him if he had any doubts – that he did have doubts around Hometowns, but he just didn’t, I guess, wasn’t as transparent with his feelings as what he should’ve been.

P.TV: So he didn’t voice those second thoughts to you on or off camera?

B: No, he didn’t tell me he was having second thoughts on the show. So he just felt like he wanted to give it a go.

I think with Pete, he really did want to give it a go, I just don’t know if he was emotionally available and his heart was fully in it. He just wasn’t at that place that I really wanted him to be.

P.TV: Do you think the “no spark” reason was a bit of a cop out?

B: Yeah, I still don’t really understand that. I think for me, I was still trying to figure out Pete. He has all these amazing qualities, and I wanted to give him a chance. I thought he was worth taking a risk on, I thought he was honest and trustworthy and safe.

I knew I didn’t have that instant sort of chemistry that I had with Adrian [Baena], but I thought that once this was all over, we’d be able to have some nice time together. And he’d be able to let his walls down a little bit more.

I was just really hoping that we’d be able to work on it together, but unfortunately for Pete, he just didn’t want to continue that.

I think he just came to that realisation and then just didn’t want to try, which was just a bit of a kick to the teeth.

P.TV: Watching the finale last night, Adrian was so sure it was going to be him – he wanted it so much – whereas Pete was so, I guess, hesitant? Would you agree with that?

B: Oh, definitely! When I chose Pete I said to him – and I guess this was a little bit of a red flag – I said to him, “Were you nervous? Oh my gosh, I was so nervous, it’s been a hard day for me.” And he was like, “Oh, you know what, I think I prepared myself either way. I wasn’t nervous.” And I was like, “Huh? What do you mean, you weren’t nervous!? I need you to be nervous!” So I guess that kind of showed me that maybe he wasn’t emotionally available for me.

P.TV: Yeah, that feels a bit off to me.

B: Yeah, I don’t think he really thought it was going to be him at the end.

P.TV: Christ, I’m sorry. That sucks.

B: Yeah, it does suck. But I told Elly, I would’ve always regretted it if I hadn’t had given Pete a go, because he is the sort of person I would like to see myself with.

At the end of the day, I’m glad that he told me how he was feeling rather than later down the line.

I think for me, I just didn’t meet my person on The Bachelorette and I think that’s okay. Elly [Miles] met Frazer [Neate] and she’s happy, and that makes me very happy. So one out of two isn’t bad I reckon!

P.TV: Since The Bachelorette finale aired, have any of the other guys reached out?

B: Yeah, so Adrian and I are friends. And he’s always checking in on me, he’s so supportive. He’s such a caring man, he has the biggest heart, and is so positive and lovely. Like he didn’t have to be receptive to talking to me, but he’s like, “Beck, we’re going to have the most special friendship.” So that’s really special.

Sam [Vescio], Aggy [Guardiani], Shannon [Karaka], James [Boggia], Andrew [Thomas] have all reached out during the show period. I haven’t spoken to them yet, but I would love to and see how they are. They’ve all said beautiful things and wished me well, so I’m just so lucky to have made such lovely friendships as well on The Bachelorette, and I look forward to catching up with the guys over a coffee.

P.TV: And so your friendship with Adrian, has that completely changed from being romantic?

B: Yeah, I think so. We’re very open with each other and how we feel and we’ve spoken about it. I think with me, when I chose Pete I put my heart and soul into him and with Adrian, he was really hurt. So he had some time with his family, he healed and put up a bit of wall there, and I just don’t think it’s the same. So it’s just going to be a friendship, I don’t think there’s going to be any romance there. I don’t know, you never know what happens in life, but yeah, for now, it’s just going to be a friendship for sure.