Tell The World You’re A Psycho Scorpio With These Primo Customisable Zodiac Necklaces

kirstin ash
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Showing off your Zodiac sign is a huge vibe in 2020, even if you’re a sad sack Pisces (I just roasted my own self there). But what about customisable Zodiac necklaces where you can get a personalised engraving on one side? Hello, Kirstin Ash jewellery.

Kirstin Ash, a New Zealander now based in Sydney, has been doing the jewellery thing for six years, making a name for herself with chic, minimalist pieces seen in the likes of Vogue and InStyle.

But the current heroes in her collection are definitely the Zodiac necklaces.

Available in sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil, which is a  French plating method that uses a palladium barrier layer and heavy 18k gold plating, the necklaces feature your Zodiac symbol and come with a hand painted card telling you about your sign’s traits.

It’s a ripper gift for a mate (or yourself, because we all love self-presents) since you can also get the necklaces engraved. In super simple areas, you can select to engrave your necklace using the font, size and text you like, depending on the piece and it’s size, all via the online site.

Pop your relationship start date on there, or the coordinates to the spot you first kissed. Put a secret in-joke with your bestie or… buy one for your dog and put “I love you forever” on the back. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Kirstin Ash Zodiac necklaces start from $79 for just the pendant, or $119 with the chain. You can check them all out here.

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