Boil the kettle because I’m about to serve you some piping hot tea. So remember how Locky was the ‘Plan C’ Bachie? Well it’s now been revealed who the ‘Plan D’ was, and it’s actually someone from this season of The Bachelorette.

According to our favourite tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic! the fourth choice for The Bachelor this year was none other than señor douchebag Pascal Wallace. Yes the sexist cricketer/CEO, who thought Elly & Becky Miles weren’t up to scratch was going to be The Bachelor.

Pascal told host of So Dramatic! Megan Pustetto that he was in the final stages of being cast for Bach and it was down to just him and Locky, but “he was beaten in the final interview by Locky.” But because producers already had all of Pascal’s info from his previous application, they asked him if he wanted to apply for The Bachelorette and he was fast-tracked to the final round.

I guess it kind of makes sense why he was so rude to the Miles girls then. I mean, if you thought you were going to be the whole-ass Bachelor, you’d be pretty miffed to be on The Bachelorette with two girls who didn’t even fancy you.

In the podcast, Pascal also revealed his ‘truth’ about his shock exit from the show and said that it was all staged by producers beforehand. According to Pascal, “most of the guys thought the girls sucked” and “were complaining that they were stuck with them.” God, I really hope that’s not true, because those gals are lovely and deserve way better than that.

“I wasn’t the main one saying saying it. The ones who had been saying it the most had already left the house. So I became the scapegoat of the whole thing,” he told So Dramatic! in a statement.

Either way, he still said those things and anyone who speaks about women (or anyone) that way deserves to be booted off the show.

Pascal also allegedly told producers that he wanted to leave the show because he “wasn’t interested in either of the chicks” and basically told producers they can edit him how they want as long as he can leave the show. Wow, he really shot himself in the foot with that one.

Pascal then went on to say the entire altercation between himself Elly and Becky was fabricated and they told the girls what to say.

Hmm it sounds like Pascal knows he did the wrong thing, but instead of apologising he’s trying to shift the blame onto the easy target of producers. Not cool.