The Bachelorette star Pascal Wallace has criticised his portrayal on the show after being booted by Elly and Becky Miles on Thursday night for allegedly saying he wished they’d “picked better-looking girls.”

Following Thursday’s episode, which frankly did not paint Pascal in a good light whatsoever, he took to Instagram to share his side of the story.

The 33-year-old CEO pulled the age-old defence of the show not portraying “who he is as a person.” *pretends to be shocked.*

“I feel like I need to defend my position, it’s not how I feel about the girls and the way I am going to be portrayed on national television is not who I am as a person,” he said.

“Elly and Becky were fun, beautiful girls, wholesome, good to be around, which is how I always felt.”

Honestly, I’m getting a little sick of this defence every time someone’s shit colours come out on TV. Sure, reality TV producers spice things up a little, but let’s call it like it is here: the producers can only do so much.

They can make your emotional outbursts over-dramatised to make you look crazy, or make your caring nature appear clingy. But they can’t really make you look like a misogynistic slut-shamer if you’re just walking around the house respecting women and being normal.

But Pascal has gone so far as to say the whole conversation in question just didn’t happen. According to him, the comments Aggie made were basically just straight-up lies.

“The comment Aggie said I made about the girls not being hot enough simply just didn’t happen.”

Regardless of whether it did or didn’t happen (I’ll let you be the judge of that), Pascal was sent packing, marking yet another unceremonious exit in the season. As you’d expect, his exit included him muttering under his breath the whole way down the driveway and into the car.

Honestly, pass me a wine because the weird incesty Bachelorette is proving to be dramatic AF.

The Bachelorette returns next Wednesday on Channel 10 and 10play online. Or, you can catch up on last night’s recap here.