A couple of lads from Elly and Becky Miles‘ season of The Bachelorette have been spotted on a sneaky trip to Byron Bay, which probably means they don’t win, hey?

Adrian Baena and Shannon Karaka, who were competing for Becky’s heart, were snapped in the coastal town over the weekend by a couple of sneaky onlookers. The duo joined Harry Harris and Jake Ricciardo, who both bowed out of the show in the first few weeks.

Adrian will never not be Steampunk Guy.

The Wash got its hands on the photos and goss, with an onlooker describing the group as looking “very much single”. You can check out the pictures here.

Considering the winner(s) don’t usually emerge from their caves until the finale has aired, it’s probably safe to assume Adrian and Shannon don’t win. I mean, half of us thought Locky Gilbert was going to pick Bella Varelis on The Bachelor last month, but after she was snapped swanning around Bondi ahead of the finale, our hopes were pretty much dashed.

For what it’s worth, goss podcast So Dramatic! recently spoiled the elimination order for both Elly and Becky’s final few blokes. Grain of salt, obvs, but So Dramatic! has been pretty on the money when it comes to elimination orders.

Again, potential spoilers ahead. 

According to the podcast, Frazer Neate – an absolute favourite from the very start – wins Elly’s heart, beating out former flame Joe Woodbury and absolute sweetie pie / rock man Adam Todd.

(Adam has been spotted looking pretty single, by the way).

Becky, meanwhile, apparently chooses Pete Mann over Adrian and Shannon.

Neither of these choices are that surprising, if you’ve been tuning in to the season. It is très obvious that both Frazer and Pete are the season favourites, mostly because they copped the ~ happily ever after music ~ on the red carpet in episode 1.

Plus, after that painfully awkward Sydney Harbour Bridge date – you know the one I’m talking about – I’m sure Becky and Pete can conquer anything.

I’m cringing just thinking about it.

The Bachelorette continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10. Prepare thyself for Hometowns… also, one of the blokes – James Boggia, by the look of it – throws a massive tanty for some reason.

Image: Network 10