Olivia Frazer Has Soft-Launched Her New Man On Instagram During One Of Those Infamous Q&As

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Controversial MAFS bride Olivia Frazer has moved on following her split from Jackson Lonie and seemingly has a new boyfriend.

Well not so much a boyfriend as she’s insisted that they’re ~going with the flow~. But she’s soft-launched the bloke on her Instagram, so it must be at least on its way to being legit.

During one of those infamous Q&As that she seems to love so damn much, she answered the following fan question: “What’s your mystery guy’s name and is it serious or are you just going with the flow for now?”

She responded by sharing a video of the mystery man holding her dog and conveniently placed the question over his face so we couldn’t see what he looked like.

She wrote “Name” with a lips-zipped emoji, stipulating that she’s not revealing his name just yet.

“But just going with the flow. It’s making me happy so I’m just going to enjoy it and not think too hard,” she added.

Another fan added a follow-up question, writing: “Does the new man have an opinion on your [OnlyFans]?”

“He doesn’t have social media so he doesn’t really get it,” she wrote.

“Adores me and is supportive AF despite being very confused.”

She added, “Yes I’m smoking in this pic. It’s gross and I quit a long time ago.”

When asked how she met the man, she said they’d “known each other for a long time” after meeting while working at a restaurant when she was 21.

“I had such a crush. I used to work late to catch up with him,” she added.

It comes after Jackson was spotted hitting the clubs with fellow MAFS star Jessica Seracino, prompting dating rumours.

The pair hit the town together in Melbourne and shared loads of footage on social media just to make sure we knew all about it.


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Jessica was originally partnered with Daniel Holmes but that promptly went to hell when he ditched her and got with Carolina Santos. A MAFS couple that also recently went to hell.

Noticing a pattern here?

Anyway, back to Olivia.

She recently returned from a lil stint in the UK.

Last week she was spotted at Maxim Australia’s 11th birthday party in Sydney where she had a convo at an event with Beauty and the Geek star Aaron Seeto.

“As soon as Aaron saw Olivia, he made a beeline for her and squeezed onto her table,” an insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“They spent around 20 minutes having a cosy chat.”

“It seemed Aaron was into Olivia, but she wasn’t really feeling the same,” they said.

The convo ended with Olivia giving him a peck on the cheek and she later said on Insta that he was “the sweetest.”

It’s unclear if her new bloke was present at the party.