Literally the first thing I did when I woke up this morning, the day after the Met Gala 2021, was google all the afterparty tea.

I assumed that there wouldn’t be as much tea as usual, what with the pandemic and all, but I was actually surprised to find quite a few fascinating nuggets of info!

Here’s a bunch of random spots of tea that I gathered from Vanity Fair, Vogue and Page Six, who were lucky enough to sneak into the event, that I found bloody fascinating.

Buckle up, bbs.

1. Timothée Chalamet being Timothée Chalamet

As soon as the Met Gala came to a close, Vanity Fair reports Timothée Chalamet “hoisted himself above the top part of his booth at the Boom Boom Room and shimmied up to a wooden banquette”. That line sounds like something you’d read in fan fiction, not an actual recounting by a reputable source. Let’s continue!

Timothee Chalamet at the Met Gala 2021

Ya big cutie. (Credit: Getty)

Apparently Timmy, who was wearing Converse sneakers at the time, was being trailed by a bunch of billionaire fortune heirs and wouldn’t ya just love to have been one of them? (Not because of the money or anything, but to be in Timmy’s rear-view)

“You know, it’s crazy, all of this,” Chalamet was overheard saying at around 2am. “But hosting it, it’s actually pretty easy.”

2. Kacey Musgraves and Olivia Rodrigo became besties

Vanity Fair noted that as icon Olivia Rodrigo entered the party, fellow icon Kacey Musgraves exclaimed: “Finally!”

3. A playwright defended punching a dart on the red carpet

While en route to the Boom Boom Room bash in an elevator, playwright Jeremy O. Harris was questioned about why he lit a ciggie midway through the red carpet earlier that evening. His response? “Because I wanted to.” Can’t argue with that!

4. A random assortment of celebs high-tailed it to RiRi’s party together

At around 3am, as the Boom Boom Room was nearing its end, a group that included Timmy, Lorde, Julia Garner, and the aforementioned playwright piled into an elevator to head over to a club event that was arranged by Rihanna just hours before.

Lorde and Timothee at the Met Gala 2021

Two legends. One cup. (Yeah yeah, I know there are two cups).

5. RiRi arrived to RiRi

If I were to ever host a Met Gala afterparty, I would want Rihanna bops to play as I made my grand entrance. Naturally, Rihanna also wanted Rihanna bops to play as she made her grand entrance.

According to Vogue, DJ Hank Korsan played remixes of Rihanna’s songs ‘Pon De Replay’ and ‘Pour It Up’ as she and her boo, A$AP Rocky arrived. We love to see it.

6. Fake plants and a Fenty flag

Yeah, here’s the part I didn’t care too much for: the Vanity Fair report claims that the club was “happily dotted with fake plants”. No bueno. No place is ever “happily dotted” with fake plants.

Meanwhile Vogue’s report noted that there was a Fenty pink American flag beamed behind the bar and DJ booth.

Hostess with the mostess, Rihanna.

7. Chance the Rapper showed up with a ridiculous amount of security

As Chance the Rapper rolled in with an entourage of security, one guest was overheard by VF saying, “Why does Chance the Rapper have so many security guards?”

8. Lil Nas X’s posse

Lil Nas X also arrived with a posse, but his was more of a party posse. Vogue reported that the newfound style icon showed up in a party bus, which “excited the growing crowd of fans who spilled out well onto 9th Avenue”.

9. People tried to use their IG followings to gain entry

Given the hooplah that was going on outside the club, naturally tons of punters were dying to get in there.

Vogue’s reporter said they spotted a bunch of folks “flaunting their verified followings” to security in a sad attempt at being invited in, only to be “quickly turned away at the door,” in favour of actual celebrities. Was Khloé Kardashian one of them, by any chance?

10. No phones

To be fair, the Insta crowd wouldn’t have enjoyed the shindig anyway, because according to Page Six, partygoers had to turn in their phones upon entry, and if you can’t ‘gram a fun party, did it even happen?

11. Partygoers were punching darts on the d-floor

Vogue didn’t name names, but apparently people took a leaf out of that playwright’s book and began smoking on the packed dance floor. “Sweat and cigarettes were of plenty on the dancefloor,” the report reads.

The sweat part makes me nervous – we’re still in a pandemic, PEOPLE!

12. Kathy fucking Hilton

As if Kathy Hilton couldn’t get any cooler, the new reigning queen of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was spotted partying with RiRi, as well as Gossip Girl guy Thomas Doherty.

We stan a legend, my friends.

13. Bartenders only served Jay-Z’s bubbles

Given how shitty the catering options were at the Met Gala 2021, you’d hope they would’ve stepped it up at the afterparty.

Well, I haven’t seen any mention of food there, but in the way of drinks, the bartenders served D’ussé cocktails and only poured bubbly from magnum bottles of Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne, according to Vogue.

14. Latecomers were turned away

Page Six reports that certain people didn’t show up until 4am and they were turned away, including rapper Teyana Taylor who “showed up with 15 people and they wouldn’t let them in”.

“She was pissed,” a spy told the publication. Ya snooze, ya lose, luv.

15. Return of the king

Despite not being spotted at the Met Gala red carpet, or at the event, Leonardo DiCaprio did not pass up the opportunity for a party. I honestly can’t do Vanity Fair’s retelling justice, so have a read of it below:

In the back of a Richie Akiva club, at an after party for the Met gala, at four in the morning, in front of the full accoutrement of bottle service, sat Leonardo DiCaprio: Yankee cap on, mask strapped, surrounded by a posse as the new Drake record played loud.

New York City, for a night anyway, was back.

16. Partying ’til dawn

Determined to keep the night going, Vogue says that A$AP Lou of the A$AP Mob performed on the main stage at around 4:30am, along with Megan Thee Stallion, Jeremy O. Harris, and Winnie Harlow, who kept going “until the crack of dawn”.

17. Elon Musk went hard

An onlooker told Page Six that big dog Elon Musk and his pals “partied ’til after 7 a.m.”

Apparently he also had “Secret-Service-level security. He had around 10 guys.”

And that’s a wrap on the Met Gala 2021! To suss out what the guests wore on the red carpet, head here.

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