Timothée Chalamet Makes Desert Life Look Alright In The Huge New ‘Dune’ Pics

Dune. You’re hearing it more and more these days. And, after the latest batch of photos from the upcoming film adaptation, you can expect to have the world rattling around your head until the Bene Gesserit tests Muad’dib with a Gom Jabbar.

Vanity Fair has published a suite of new imagery from director Denis Villeneuve‘s project, revealing the key characters and landscapes which dominate the sci-fi classic.

Timothée Chalamet is there as young prince Paul Atreides, of course, this time sporting the nose-piece necessary for survival on the desert planet of Arrakis. Next to him is Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Paul’s mum and bona fide mystic in her own right.

For the first time, we now have a peek at Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides, the patriarch of the family entrusted with extracting a rare and universe-crumpling substance from the sand below.

Then there’s Zendaya as Chani and Javier Barden as Stilgar, who are just a little better at living in that inhospitable terrain. You can also spot Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa as Atreides tough nuts, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster as an ecologist with a pivotal role in the whole saga.

No sign of the worms… Yet.

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Speaking to Vanity Fair, Villeneuve also revealed that Dune will be split into two parts when it hits the big screen later this year, owing to the scope of author Frank Herbert’s 1965 juggernaut of a novel.

Dune hits cinema screens in December this year.