Oscar Isaac Might Just Be Timothée Chalamet’s Daddy In The New ‘Dune’ Flick

Oscar Isaac is reportedly in talks to join the upcoming Dune film, cementing the notion that Denis Villeneuve‘s take on the iconic sci-fi novel will be really, really fucking good.

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The Hollywood Reporter states the Star Wars mainstay is close to signing on to the project as Duke Leto Atreides, the patriarch of an elite family tasked with overseeing the titular desert planet and its vast reserves of ‘spice’, a hyper-powered drug with mysterious properties.

Given the fact Frank Herbert‘s novel debuted in 1965, we feel pretty comfortable telling you that things don’t turn out as planned for Duke Leto. We guess that kind of thing happens when your family is locked in a generations-long feud with the brutal Harkonnen house.

Duke Leto does have one thing going for him, though: his son, Paul, who will be portrayed by none other than Timothée Chalamet. The wiry 23-year-old has been confirmed to lead the film as the apparent saviour of the Atreides house and the oppressed desert warriors of Arrakeen.

A few other stars have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming epic. Mission Impossible  alum Rebecca Ferguson is slated to portray Paul’s mother and mystic Lady Jessica, while Stellan Skarsgard is set to play Baron Harkonnen, the fella who kicks off Dune‘s beef with Duke Leto in the first place.

Guardians Of The Galaxy favourite Dave Bautista will act as “Beast” Rabban – one of Paul’s fiercest rivals. It will be the second time Bautista and Villeneuve have worked together after Blade Runner 2049, a film which went a long way in establishing Villeneuve’s grasp on red, dust-blasted hellscapes.

Get keen, for the spice will flow.