Someone Left A Hydro Flask On The Set Of ‘Little Women’ And It’s Taken Months To Notice

In last year’s Little Women, a rogue Hydro Flask can be spotted in a scene where Laurie (played by everybody’s imaginary boyfriend Timothee Chalamet) is entertaining the March sisters at home.

Was the film produced by a team of VSCO girls or is Laurie just a dapper time traveller?

This is a question being asked by Twitter users after a keen-eyed superfan on TikTok noticed the object which nobody can unsee.

Now the internet needs a goddamn explanation before it loses its mind.

Ahh yes, that essential item no 1860s man could leave the house without: a Hydro Flask.

Some will say the drink bottles belonged to the film crew and not the characters, but it’s too late for logic. The Hydro Flask is now part of Little Women cannon. Such are the rules of stan Twitter.

The VSCO girl accessory is clearly visible at the 38 minutes and 15 second mark. Write this down for when the movie becomes available to stream.

Director Greta Gerwig must be spewin, considering the film had a budget of $40 million.

“I’m very happy with how this scene was blocked,” she told Vanity Fair when the bottle was literally in front of her eyes.

Meanwhile, Hydro Flask must be stoked at the unintentional product placement, and some fans even reckoned the bottle deserved an acting credit.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Last year a rogue Starbucks cup was spotted by fans in Game of Thrones and the internet went berserk.

Accordingly, fans paid tribute to this GoT fuckup for paving the way for Little Women’s own Hydro Flask.