This Teacher Had A Zoom Meltdown Because He Mistook A Student’s Hydro Flask For A Vape Pen

Another day, another chaotic incident in a Zoom online classroom.

Cameron Stein is a year 12 student from California. Like any student well-prepared for a day of online learning, he had his water bottle at the ready.

But as he casually stayed hydrated during the class, his teacher became more and more irate.

“Jesus Christ, he’s vaping, honestly,” the teacher can be heard saying in a TikTok recorded by Cam’s girlfriend.

“Is that smart Cam? Do you hear me?”

@christinayvazianI can’t stop laughing ???? @camnoles ##DecadesofHair ##sidehustle ##distancedance ##fyp♬ original sound – christinayvazian

Apparently because his laptop’s speakers weren’t working, Cam continued to drink, blissfully unaware of just how much his teacher was having a go at him.

Later on in the class, the teacher had another outburst.

“Are you goddamn kidding me?” he yelled. But Cam wasn’t kidding him.

To be fair, his Hydro Flask really does look like a vape pen. It didn’t help that Cam was sipping so suspiciously from it.

After class, when his mates messaged him about the ordeal, Cam posted his own TikTok to confirm what happened.

@camnolesit really was just my hydro tho ????‍♂️ ##DecadesofHair ##celebratedoctors ##distancedance ##sidehustle ##fyp♬ original sound – camnoles

“Just my Hydro man…” he wrote. Yet he still covered the logo with his hand! Who could blame his teacher for not realising!?

Cam’s crime was Zooming while thirsty, but this isn’t the worst thing to happen in a Zoom classroom by a long shot.

The teacher should just be grateful none of his students went to the bathroom on camera like one student did.