Spare A Thought For This Student Whose Private Zoom Convos In Class Were Seen By Her Teacher

When uni student Faith quoted rapper Mulatto – ‘I’m a bougie ass, ratchet ass, freak bitch’ – in a private Zoom message during class, I’m sure she didn’t expect to see it in a subsequent email from her teacher. But she did. (1 like, 1 prayer)

The following message was allegedly emailed to Faith, alongside the subject line “Inappropriate discussion on Zoom”:

“Dear Faith… I am reaching out to inform you that I can see everything you write in the chat discussion. My class session is not the appropriate time to be sending messages like ‘I’m a bougie ass, ratchet ass, freak bitch…’ It is very disruptive to the class and I do NOT condone this kind of behavior during my lectures. I strongly advise you to keep the inappropriate comments to yourself from now on or else it will jeopardize your final grade for this course.”

“Best regards, Professor Mclellan”

Oh my fucking god.

The line comes from Mulatto’s ’19 track “See Sum”.

“I didn’t know my professor could view my “private” convos on zoom,” Faith posted online, with a clown emoji. (Don’t worry Faith – I think we’re all members at the clown academy after this alarming discovery.)

Check out the TikTok below, which has well and truly blown up on Twitter.

After several enquiries, Faith claimed that “your professors have the power to enable all convos on Zoom.”

“I also had multiple professors quoting my tweet to confirm it,” she continued. “Y’all might as well send your sorry email before they confront you… and yes I apologized to that lady.”

Everyone has rightly shat themselves.

Despite Zoom’s support page claiming that “private messages between participants are not viewable by the host”, several anecdotal accounts say otherwise. So, although it’s not 100% confirmed whether your chats are private or not, I’d probably steer clear of Zoom’s DMs during class if I were you.

Faith, we bow to you.