Vape Detectors Will Lock Kids In School Bathrooms Which Is More Devastating Than Getting Dacked

vape detectors australian schools embarrassing

Schools in Australia are installing “silent vape detectors” in bathrooms to stop kids from honking on vapes while on school grounds. Apparently, the detectors track the movement of students in the bathrooms and if it senses someone vaping it will lock them in the dunny until a teacher comes and gets them to turn out their pockets.

Per the Herald Sun, the technology is already being used in Queensland and NSW. St Bede’s College in Mentone has recently installed the technology, where students as young as 12 have allegedly been tooting on the old electric dart.

An unnamed year 12 student told the Herald Sun the detectors seem to be working as a deterrent, and making students consider whether ducking off to the bog for a quick honk on a vape is really worth it.

“I think the detectors are a good deterrent,” he said.

“It makes you really question whether you need to use the bathroom and risk getting caught.”

Truly there is nothing as powerful as being busted breaking the rules — and the added bonus of schoolyard embarrassment of getting locked in the toilets until a teacher comes to get you out? That shit will stick with you for years.

Can you even imagine the nicknames kids would be coming up with after someone’s been pinged by these vape smoke detectors? You’d be called the Bog Honker or something for eons.

It’s illegal to smoke or vape on school grounds across the country. It’s also illegal for businesses to sell vapes to anyone under the age of 18.

Other private schools around Melbourne have also installed anti-vape measures like bathroom detectors and CCTV cameras in halls outside bathrooms. One college in Cranborne North has brought in a bathroom pass system for students who need to go to the loo outside of recess and lunch times.