Awkwafina Taking A Swig From A Hip Flask Handbag Is The 2019 Oscars Mood


Oscars day is arguably the biggest day in the celebrity calendar. From the insane red carpet fashion to the eventful award show, the whole shebang is a LOT to take in.

And a ‘yuge day in Hollywood also means a full-on day for anyone working in media, with the entire industry currently chained to their desks riding the chaotic wave of celeb news flowing in from Los Angeles.

But we’re not complaining, no sir. In fact, we live for this shit. Having said that, everyone involved has their own way of preparing for the demanding day.

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Some employ bedtime curfew the night before to make sure they get enough shut-eye before the big day, while others have a non-stop caffeine IV drip they swear by.

Awkwafina, however, just walked the red carpet and her coping mechanism is iconic.

Here she is chatting to Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live when, outta nowhere, she takes a sip of tequila from a hip flask disguised as a fancy evening bag:

I am both surprised that she drank from the random flask – which, I can only assume, will be offered to a slew of other celebrities throughout the night – and impressed that a trooper lass like this is on the red carpet.

No chaser, nothing.

She just grins and bears it, thanks the reporter for his kind gesture, before continuing on her merry way.

I love EVERYTHING about this.

Whatsmore, Awkwafina looks so damn fancy in her iridescent lavender suit situation, complete with an OTT Harry Styles-worthy pussy-bow blouse, that she is not someone you’d think would be down for doing red carpet shots. But I stand pleasantly corrected.

What can we say? We guess mates who do shots on the Oscars red carpet with are mates for life. Side note: If I ever get invited to the Oscars, I’m definitely doing this.