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As someone who’s had her fair share of dating mishaps, relationship dramas and flat out terrible humans messing with her head, I can safely say that when it comes to the power of being single, I’m on board.

Some people may say it’s cynical, but honestly there’s a blessing and a strength in being actively single – and not giving a shit that you don’t have a partner. Just think of the benefits!

We spoke about all things singledom on the latest episode of Decoding The Modern World, The Power Of Being Single, with PTV legends Chantelle and Courtney.

A lot of people are afraid to be alone, and honestly we get it. But there are good days and bad days in everything – sure there are times where you can feel lonely, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some days you’ll be relishing the fact that you don’t have to get woken at 4am on your day off as your partner goes off work, and instead can sprawl the heck over that double bed like the snow angel you are.

You can eat bucketloads of pickles in one sitting while naked on the couch, and nobody will judge you. You don’t have to force yourself out to someone’s shitty work dinner when you’re feeling drained and just need a night on the couch. And ultimately, you can do what you damn well please.

One day it’ll be totally normal to have a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in a while that DOESN’T involve asking if you’re dating anyone – but ya know, thanks Hannah from year 9 science class for asking why I’m spending my evenings sitting in my underwear watching TV instead of going on hot dates.

It’s a mixed bag but ultimately there are so many upsides to being a powerful, independent single. You don’t need to be able to hear everyone’s thoughts to know that it’s possible to be totally happy and thriving while single.

And hey, if you wanna live vicariously through someone who CAN hear other people’s thoughts – see Taraji P. Henson living her best single gal life as the leading lady in What Men Want, in cinemas now. Get your tix HERE.

Bottom line, relationships can be great, when they’re right. But don’t let yourself fall into a relationship for the sake of being in one. You’ve gotta be happy in yourself first – single is better than being in a shitty relationship.

It’s okay to be a single pringle, folks.

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