A MasterChef Insider Spilt A Peking Duck-Tonne Of Behind The Scenes Tea And It’s A Full Course

masterchef australia 2024 insider tea

A MasterChef Australia insider has gone and spilt a heap of crème fraîche about what goes on behind the scenes and I am flipping my pans at these revelations. Seriously, we’ve had 16 seasons of croquembouche and disgustingly good dishes and only NOW do we find this stuff out?

Chatting to Yahoo, the unnamed insider revealed how and when the MasterChef judges taste the dishes, how long filming goes for and who dresses the contestants in their plain UNIQLO 100% cotton mustard/brown tees.

As for where all the food goes when it’s done with, well, that question was answered in 2021.

  • masterchef 2024 cast
  • masterchef 2024 cast

How do the judges taste the contestants’ dishes?

So how exactly DO the MasterChef Australia judges taste the food and ensure it’s the perfect temperature? Do they have a sneaky microwave out the back?

“One of the most frequently asked questions about Masterchef Australia is the way in which the food is served for the judges and how they can possibly eat all the food at its perfect temperature,” said the insider.

“It is actually impossible to try all the food piping hot and therefore the judges taste each contestant’s food while they are cooking.”

According to the insider, the judges are asked “not to discuss their final thoughts with each other until the participants are in front of them so that it feels more natural when they share their opinions on each dish.”

Now that is TEA! What’s even more shocking however is how long it takes for each contestant to get their feedback.

“Each contestant will usually get 20 minutes to make sure all the judges have been able to express their opinions,” said the insider.

“It’s a long process, especially at the start where there are 20+ participants.”

How long does filming last?

MasterChef Australia is one of those shows that just… keeps coming with episodes. It can sometimes be a chore to watch it all, but imagine how hard it is to FILM it. So how long exactly does filming go for?

“It can go up to 16 weeks and the filming averages 9-12 hours a day,” the insider said.

“With 200 crew it is hard to keep the producers out of frame. The entire crew is required to wear black and the series takes months in the editing room where we edit out all the times the crew is caught on camera.”

Oof, I would not want to be on that production team. Well, maybe as a dish taster… I could do that.

Who is responsible for dressing up the contestants?

Unfortunately there is no glam squad on the set of MasterChef Australia picking out iconic colour coordinated fits for the contestants.

Yep, if you see a hot look on the show, it’s 1000 per cent from the contestant’s very own wardrobe.

“Back in the day contestants used to try and get brand endorsements before filming began — which always caused a headache for the networks,” said the insider.

“In the end, it makes sense for everyone to wear very neutral colours. After all, it is about the food and not the clothing.”

Okay that is tea. I’m glad MasterChef Australia is a little more wholesome than a show like MAFS, which at this point has become an influencer generator.