We Finally Know Where All The Uneaten Food On MasterChef Goes & It Ain’t Into The Crew’s Tums

masterchef where does the food go

Apart from wondering why they haven’t invented a way for me to taste the MasterChef meals as they appear on my screen, I also often wonder where the hell the meals go off to once the judges take their tiny little nibbles of it. I mean, I’m sure that thought has crossed your mind too, which is why you are here, reading this. Well folks, we finally have answers. Rejoice, food lovers.

Speaking to News.com.au, Laura Sharrad, the runner-up from the MasterChef: Back To Win season disclosed what exactly happens to all those yummy dishes and croquembouche towers once their done being tasted by the judges.

Honestly, I always assumed that the meals were shared around backstage amongst the camera operators and stuff, but hey, looks like the food actually goes to a much better place.

“Nothing is ever wasted. Most of it is donated to food charity SecondBite,” Sharrad told News.com.au.

“Some of the unwanted produce ends up in the garden’s compost. It’s so amazing to see all the split bin systems also in place to make sure everything is getting disposed of properly.”

So, it looks like there’s actually a proper system in place to completely nix any wastage on the show. You bloody love to see it, you really do.

Conversations around wastage on the show started to grow in intensity after there were two instances recently of contestants being called out for wasting food.

As we know, this is something that absolutely grinds Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen‘s gears, and rightfully so. When you get an entire slab of meat just to use it for a sauce, you’re probably gonna get reprimanded for it.

On Monday’s challenge, the Orange team were called out for using an entire duck just to rip off the legs and discard the rest.

“That seems like madness,” said Andy.

“So what do you do with the 30 ducks that have still got their breasts on, wings on, necks on, carcass. What happens then?”

Well, we now know what happens when the chefs don’t quite use all of the food that they’ve been given, and at least it’s a good cause and not a simple case of binning the lot.

If you need me I’m gonna cook a massive meal and waste not a single thing. It’s what the MasterChef judging panel would want.