Here’s All The Celebs Rumoured To Be On The Masked Singer Australia 2023

Every year, thousands of Aussies gather around their tellies to watch a bunch of celebrities put on furry costumes and sing songs that haven’t been heard on the radio for at least 20 good years. We call it The Masked Singer Australia, and it bloody pops off for some reason. I guess there’s something undeniably alluring about seeing which celebrities are hiding behind the mask.

Who is rumoured to be on the cast of The Masked Singer Australia 2023?

Channel 10 is keeping the cast of The Masked Singer Australia 2023 hush-hush because… well, that is the whole premise. But here’s who the rumour mill and fans of the show are guessing from the snippets they’ve released so far and the clues that are released each week.

We’ve compiled those handy clues, along with some chitter-chatter from online sleuths and our own big, bulging brains to help work out who could be hiding behind the mask.

Cow Girl

The Masked Singer Australia
Yeehaw!!! (Image Source: Channel Ten)

In episode one, Cow Girl came out swinging with the iconic Spice Girls hit “Wannabe”. In short, she slayed and the second I heard her belt out this tune I had a feeling of who I think it could be.

But first, here’s the clue:

“The one thing everyone believes about cows is that we’re vegan – you’d think we’d leave certain foods untouched. Course, what you might not know about a Cow Girl is that we don’t like staying in one place, even when young.

Obviously, I’m not in the same place I was born. Do I have a favourite location? Anywhere free! You know, pro bono! There anything else you need to know about me? Only that you don’t have to come first, but it’s nice when you do!”

While the judges guessed Jessica Origliasso, Kimbra, Pamela Anderson and Shania Twain, I’m feeling confident that it is Aussie drag superstar Courtney Act. And I’m not the only one who thinks that either.

“The voice is a dead giveaway,” commented one user on Instagram.

“That is, without a shadow of a doubt, our Courtney. Back home a few weeks ago, that voice is pretty unmistakable. That’s our reality TV queen right there!” said another.

I’m willing to bet big bucks on this one, folks.

Space Fairy

The Masked Singer Australia
Pop off, girl. (Image Source: Channel Ten)

Space Fairy came out swinging with a rendition of “Hit ‘Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell, which I firmly believe is an underrated track.

“I’m the Space Fairy! Am I from a different planet? I’m certainly from a different world. Landing in Australia, was it love at first sight? There’s no drama in that, but it’s too much having a life dissected in minute detail. Hear that? The pitter-patter of tiny feet!” the clue began.

“You can probably tell this isn’t really my space, I prefer the sun. Somewhere filled with light! There’s no shame in that. Either way, there are so many lessons to be learned on Earth, and if we learn from our mistakes I’m the smartest Fairy there is! Nowadays I’m always on.” 

The Space Fairy was also asked whether they were born overseas. They replied: “I’m a Space Fairy, I was born and live in the waves travelling around the Earth.”

Maybe Space Fairy is a politician?

So far, the judges guessed electronic pop girlie Grimes, former Disney star Raven-Symoné, and singers Joss Stone and Sza. But if the comments on IG are anything to go by, fans think that the Space Fairy could be Tones And I, Natasha Bedingfield, or Gabriella Cilmi.

My big guess? UK singer and one of the judges on Australia’s Got Talent, Alesha Dixon. If I’m right, you all have to give me a tender smooch on my forehead.

Grim Reaper

The Masked Singer Australia
He’s just a spooky guy!!! (Image Source: Channel Ten)

The Grim Reaper has some serious PIPES, my friends. The moment he started singing Billie Eilish’s hit “When The Party’s Over” the crowd went silent. And honestly, I think this is one of the only cases so far where the judges actually guessed correctly on the first try.

But first, let’s look at the clue:

“You call me the Grim Reaper… okay, maybe I started out Grim but now I actually enjoy life, it’s quite beautiful! Being the Grim Reaper has sudden highs and lows, for all of you of course.

“I come to lead your soul so you step into the light. My job never stops, no time off but millions of happy customers. It’s just about all I know! Being the Grim Reaper is a good life, it’s not bliss but it’s close to it.” 

The judges guessed Ruel, Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes, Luke Steele and Conrad Sewell.

Personally, I reckon it’s gotta be Darren Hayes. Just listen to those high notes!!! Other guesses have been pop star Mika and Silverchair’s Daniel Johns.


The Masked Singer
Is it just me or does this Kangaroo have rizz? (Image Source: Channel Ten)

The moment that a teaser trailer featuring Bouncer the kangaroo came out, fans began to flood the comment sections claiming that they’d already guessed who it could be: Aussie singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell.

“Think it’s pretty obvious it’s Conrad Sewell,” one user wrote, with dozens echoing the same sentiments. 

What do you reckon? I think the fans are on the money with this guess but only time will tell!

Snow Fox

The Masked Singer
My gleek senses are tingling. (Image Source: Channel Ten)

When a snippet of Snow Fox singing dropped, a bunch of fans suspected that it could be the sweetheart of Glee, Amber Riley.

If this suspicion is correct, it wouldn’t be the first time that Riley has performed on the series. Last year, she was on the eighth season of The Masked Singer in the US and won the whole goddamn show.

After listening to Snow Fox belt out a tune, I swear my inner Gleek recognises her voice. 


The Masked Singer Australia
She seems like a spicy little jellyfish. (Image Source: Channel Ten)

There’s only been one clip of Bluebottle posted on IG, but so far the leading guess is that it’s the Spice Girl’s Emma Bunton. I know Mel B basically guesses her every single season, but maybe this year she’s onto something?

This one is stumping me. Fingers crossed the clues will make it a bit more obvious when they get released!


He’s a man of mystery, this guy. The only slight indication we’ve had is a hint on IG which asks: “Is Tiny the celebrity super dad?”

From that clue alone, I’m going to guess noted father Hamish Blake, who was just crowned Father Of The Year 2023.

On ya, Hamish.

Other celebs rumoured to be a part of The Masked Singer Australia cast in 2023

Mischa Barton

That’s right, folks: rumour has it Mischa Barton will be shimmying her ass off on The Masked Singer Australia 2023.

If you’d have told me in 2007 that Marissa Cooper from The O.C. would one day dress up as a furry and sing “Sweet Caroline” for millions of people across Australia, I’d have told you to shut up. What a time to be alive.

In saying that, it does sort of make sense, considering Barton has been Down Under filming the Neighbours reboot.

“It’s a perfect cross promotion for both shows,” a source told Woman’s Day, per Daily Mail Australia.

The source also said Barton was more than happy to flex her vocal chops on The Masked Singer Australia after being asked by producers.

That early 2000s It Girl money must be drying up, hey.

Charlotte Crosby

[Editor’s note: This story was written in the lead-up to The Masked Singer 2023 and whataya know? The insiders were right about this one!]

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Geordie Shore queen Charlotte Crosby had been trying to go incognito mode during a cheeky trip to Sydney — where The Masked Singer Australia 2023 was filming at the time. We rest our case.

But seriously, Crosby shared a very intriguing — and since deleted — Instagram post in which she appeared to be sashaying and slaying in … a hotel room. Unless her home in the UK has deeply hotel-esque features, such as a uniquely hideous carpet and banal art from The Sims, in which case: sorry!

It would make sense for Crosby to star on The Masked Singer Australia, though. She previously entered the jungle in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! which airs on Channel 10, so the gal loves the network.

She’s also keen to throw her hat in the Australian reality TV ring again.

“I would definitely do another show in Australia, it just depends on what type,” Crosby told Yahoo! Lifestyle last year.

“And especially when I’ve got a little girl, I don’t want to be leaving her for too long and I don’t want to do a show where I physically have to give my phone over and I can’t have any contact with her. I’ll do shows but they will have to be a certain type.”

Surely the type would be gallivanting across the stage dressed as, I don’t know, a bedazzled digestive biscuit? Because that would be my dream reality gig.

Brendan Fevola

Yet another Aussie is rumoured to be part of the cast of The Masked Singer Australia 2023, and that’s former AFL player and radio host Brendan Favola.

In a convo with his Fifi, Fev & Nick co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody, Fevola mentioned he was ”supposed to go to Europe next holidays” but had to cancel the whole thing for a mysterious reason he couldn’t talk about.

“You are 100 per cent going on The Masked Singer,” Box replied, to which Fevola simply said “don’t ruin it.”

“You know what’s killing you right now?” asked Box.

“You’ve signed the contract and it’s got all the confidentiality bits and you know the producers are listening and they’re like, ‘He has said something, he’s told someone.’”

It all seems a bit too on the nose to be true. But also, would you cancel on the siren call from Florence, Italy to dress up like a narwhal and sing “Don’t Stop Believin’”? I don’t think so.

Well, there you have it!

We’ll update this yarn as more info comes in, from rumours whispered over cups of coffee to official announcements.