In this house, we love a leak, especially when it comes to The Masked Singer 2021. But honestly, this season is just too bloody good to spoil so rest assured, there are no MAJOR spoilers in this yarn. Just a mild one.

A sneaky source has told New Idea that apparently there’s a bloody ‘yuge Hollywood star under one of the remaining costumes, and the way they found this out has absolutely sent me.

Apparently hotel quarantine staff got wind of the celebrity arrival and the publication reports that whoever this person is was flown in ahead of time as a decoy so it wouldn’t be suspected that they’ve arrived in town for the show.

Certain staffers reportedly noticed the “unusually high level of secrecy surrounding the celebrity’s arrival and put two and two together.”

After trying desperately to hide their identity, the celebrity (who is said to be an A-lister) was eventually spotted in the hotel lobby.

“The crew went to such great lengths to get them in unnoticed, before it all fell over in a hotel lobby,” an insider told the mag.

Considering the amount of A-listers who have come to town lately, it could be pretty much bloody anyone, but it’s great to know we’ve got a big star coming on The Masked Singer!

Ten recently confirmed that you’ll be seeing some international celebs on the show this season.

The Masked Singer Australia includes some international celebrities as part of the cast, who are set to be unmasked when the series airs next month,” they said.

The representative clarified that the celebrities were in the country under regulations which exist outside of the flight cap.

“Their time in Australia was permitted under the government rules and regulations for international artists arriving in Australia, and these arrangements exist outside of the flight cap on international arrivals.”

The spokesperson confirmed the celebrities would not take the place of Australian citizens trying to get home.

“They did not take the place of any Australian citizens returning home and they completed the necessary quarantine requirements upon arrival,” they said.

“Network 10 and Warner Bros. are committed to providing employment to artists and production industries during this challenging time.”

The Masked Singer Australia continues Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 10