Masked Singer Revealed Mullet & His Face Isn’t The Only Thing He’s Flashed On National TV

Masked Singer Australia reveal Mullet

The Masked Singer Australia has just revealed who Mullet is, and it’s… Axle Whitehead! As in, the former Australian Idol contestant who literally flashed his dong on national telly. Iconic?

Here are the six rounds of clues we have so far:

  • I’ve spent years by the water. And I had my fair share of battles. Those night vision goggles belong to the army!
  • I like the spotlight. But I’ve had more than a few sleepless nights. My answer is to take the show on the road.
  • I’m not really into strict routine. I prefer to improvise. I know it’s not the way to make a big hit. But beggars can’t be choosers.
  • I’ve never really been the boss. But I have been known to take your breath away. That’s official.
  • When asked by the judges if he was a swimmer, mullet’s response was: “I don’t need to get my hair wet anymore.”

Second round:

  • I’m just your average Mullet. But I’m OK if you’re OK.
  • Someone once told me if you like it you better put a ring on it.
  • Sometimes you have your eye on something shiny.
  • But it’s not as good as you hope. No matter how far you travel, you can’t leave the real you behind.
  • I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve even taken on the Chinese.
  • Not as a comedian, but you could call me something close.
  • I might be a Mullet, but don’t understand me. My intelligence isn’t artificial and way better than 20.
  • I’m the Mullet and I’m beside meself with excitement!
  • When put through the ‘mind reader’, Mullet was thinking of a shield (which the judges thought was either Viking or Spartan), and said: “I think a lot about where I come from.”

Third round:

  • I might be a mullet, but I’m not hard-headed, like others I know.
  • The night sky is so beautiful but I prefer the sunshine.
  • I love it like a sibling.
  • I’m no superhero.
  • Just a fish trying to eke out a living in a hostile environment. There’s no shame in that.
  • I was number one once, you know.
  • But I wasn’t wearing flannelette at the time. Mullets go in and out of fashion.
  • But lucky for me… I’ve got more than one string to me bow. I’m Mullet and I’ve got this competition hook, line and sinker.

Fourth round:

  • I might be just a mullet… ..but I’m evolving.
  • Do I need a lighthouse?
  • Nah. It just keeps me awake.
  • You know, I’ve done it all, from Z to A, except D. Maybe I need a new agent.
  • I’ve had plans. But they didn’t always work out.
  • Sometimes, that’s a good thing. It’s not like I have satellite navigation. Watch out for the beach!
  • This fish doesn’t like schools.
  • I prefer herds. Look at that!
  • At least it’s better than eight. I’m the Mullet, and I’m gonna rock this competition.

Fifth round:

  • I’m a mullet. You wouldn’t expect me to sing, but you wouldn’t expect me to teach cats to talk proper, neither.
  • I wasn’t always going to be a mullet, you know.
  • I was growing up to be a trumpet fish.
  • But that’s OK. I really do like a surprise. There are no walls between us here.
  • I’ve swum with the biggest sharks in the business.
  • And I survived for $8 an hour, plus tips. Now scatter!
  • I’m mullet royalty, a duke.
  • Or maybe an ambassador. But I’m OK with that.
  • I’ve been putting wins in the W column since I was born. Isn’t that right, Hughesy? And there’s gonna be another W tonight.

Sixth round:

  • I don’t have unearthly powers like the others, but I’m not here to make up the numbers. Money is often dangled in front of me. I’ve learned to wait and watch.
  • I’ve got a lot of tools on my belt. In a former life, not just tools.But I’m more reliable now.
  • Us mullets don’t have a lot of secrets. And you can’t pull the wool over our eyes. We’re real strict about that.
  • For two lies and a truth, Mullet said: “I came second in a Kevin Rudd look-alike competition, I played a dozen AFL games for Carlton and I threw up on a skydiving instructor while parachuting.”

Seventh round:

  • From the moment I became the Mullet, I became the MULLET.
  • How much of his performance is me and how much is the Mask? I really don’t know.
  • This outlandish but brave mask let me act out in ways that most of us don’t anymore. And a lot of us miss.
  • Mullet isn’t just my mask, he’s my mate. I’d love a quiet chat with him after tonight is over but Mullet is never quiet.

Final clue:

  • I love to take risks, ever since I was a wee little mullet. Although my risk taking has got me into a bit of trouble in the past, I have matured and calmed down a little. I won’t lie, I still wanna push boundaries. You see, no matter how I change, music is who I am at heart.

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