Everything we see on reality shows like MAFS and The Bachelor is so polished and edited that it makes me wonder what’s *really* going on behind-the-scenes.

Which is why I get such a thrill when contestants go rogue on social media with spicy posts in which they share their true feelings about what we’re seeing on-screen.

The latest being controversial MAFS bride Olivia Frazer who has allegedly shared a Facebook post about the show from an account using an alias name.

In the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto claimed that following Olivia’s big ol’ barney with rival Domenica Calarco, she took to Facebook to thank her supporters and slam the “warped reality” that is MAFS this season.

“Thank you so much to friends and family that have reached out to send love. I appreciate it all, even those who are defending me in comment sections. I see you and thank you,” she began.

“You are one of the reasons that I am alright and am able to laugh at this warped reality unfolding.”

She added, “I am so sorry that I even have to write this, but if anyone is receiving hateful / violent messages due to your associations with me, please block, report and delete. And if you have any contact with journalists, don’t speak to them, but please let me know.”

She concluded her message: “I have no way to defend myself, so seeing you defend me means everything.”

Have a peek at the post here, which was sent to the poddy from someone on Olivia’s friends list.

Although the post didn’t quite reveal any tea or behind-the-scenes secrets, I do enjoy the fact that she’s having a social media vent about the show on the sly without producers seeing. I highly doubt the phrase “warped reality” would’ve met their strict social media post approval guidelines!

If you have a peek at Olivia’s public Instagram, you’ll see that her posts are very much carefully curated and read like they’ve been through the producer machine until they’re spic and span (read: spiceless and drama-free).

Just like The Bachelor, MAFS contestants are forced to hand over their Instagram accounts to producers at the start of the season and they’re not allowed to access them until the end.

According to ex-MAFS groom Michael Brunelli in a spicy Instagram Q&A last night, the Insta rules have gotten much stricter since his time on the show.

“When we were on we still had access to our social media accounts, but all posts had to be approved by the MAFS Social Media Team,” Michael revealed.

“Any post we did that wasn’t approved was deleted by them (they had access). They also turned off comments.”

He added, “Now the MAFS contestants don’t even have access to their socials. So any message you send them, they won’t see. It’s done to protect their mental health, which I think is good.”

He went on to say that they were “able to read and respond to DMs and while there were some really nice messages, the trolls were fucking horrendous.”

So there’s the social media sitch for you, in case you wanted to know…

Meanwhile I wonder if the MAFS producers are privy to Olivia’s *alleged* sneaky FB page and, more importantly, I wonder if there’s more tea to come!

MAFS continues tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.