In last night’s bombshell episode of The Bachelor, contestant Stephanie Lynch was yeeted out of the mansion and now that she’s finally free of the Bach pad, she’s breaking all of the rules. Naughty, naughty!

Daily Mail Australia reports that the business development manager made a private Instagram account so that she could post about her experience on Bachie, which was strictly forbidden.

Not only that, but she also told her followers that she had been evicted hours before the episode aired, which is precisely why producers put it in the Bachie babes’ contracts that they had to hand over their IG passwords prior to entering the mansion.

The site did not divulge her private Instagram handle, but they shared a bunch of footage that she posted yesterday.

In one post, which was shared at midday yesterday, Stephanie revealed that her time on The Bachelor is over, writing: “Ssgl out tonight. Thanks for all ur love & support over the last month!”

Later that evening, as the episode aired, Stephanie shared footage from her Bachie viewing party, which quite a few of her mates attended, including Clare Lange who appeared on Locky Gilbert’s season.

In one video, Stephanie’s friends cheered as they watched her dramatic exit from the mansion.

In another image, Stephanie and her mates flipped the bird at a cardboard cutout of Jimmy Nicholson. Savage!

While all of this was happening, the producers dropped a post with a heavily edited caption on Stephanie’s main Instagram account, which she handed over upon entering the mansion.

“It should be illegal to look this good while crying,” the caption read. “Hard to believe it wasn’t me at the end, I know… Thank you to everyone who supported my journey and came along with me for the ride – family, friends & strangers alike. Big props (ha ha geddit) to my pilot friends for tolerating my non-stop slander of the profession hahaha (I love you all, truly). Thanks @thebachelorAU for having me – it’s certainly been an experience I won’t forget anytime soon! Back to Azeroth I go.”

Ten has yet to comment on Stephanie’s rogue account, but I’m guessing they won’t be happy since they went to “extreme lengths” to ensure that exactly this does not happen with the new crop of The Bachelor contestants.

A production insider told the So Dramatic! podcast that when the girls arrived at the mansion, they “were asked to sign an amendment to their initial contract.

“The amendment asked them to sign over all of their social media passwords to Warner Brothers and Channel Ten throughout the entire duration of the show.”

The new contract imposes a “social media freeze period” where contestants will have to hand over the keys to the kingdom (read: the passwords to their Instagrams) to Ten’s social media peeps and they will be “locked out of social media for two and half months.”

Ten allegedly offered each The Bachelor contestant $5000 each to sign the contract amendment, which they’ll have to forfeit if they’re in breach of their contract.

So it looks like Stephanie gave up $5000 just to brag about her spicy little viewing party. Was it really worth it, Steph? I personally would’ve preferred the $5K over 5 seconds of fame, but that’s just me…

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