The Bachelor’s Holly & Steph Have Promptly Explained Their #MAGA / Trump Pics On Instagram

The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia contestants Holly Kingston and Stephanie Lynch have explained the stories behind their Donald Trump-related Instagram posts, sharing that it is absolutely not a reflection of their political views.

In last night’s premiere episode, viewers were introduced to all the women vying for pilot Jimmy Nicholson‘s heart. That included Holly, who already looks to be the frontrunner after she copped the winner’s edit, and Steph – the one who isn’t exactly a fan of pilots. The story goes that she dated a pilot for three years and, by what she said on the show, things didn’t exactly end well.

So look, people pairing Trump and contestants was not on my Bachie bingo card last night, but that’s what ended up happening after viewers dug through Holly and Steph’s Instagram feeds and found these pictures.

Holly’s picture, from 2018, is captioned “#MAGA”. Obviously, with no context, that rather concerned people.

And then fans found a picture of Steph on her Instagram holding a cardboard cutout of Trump’s face.

In a statement to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Holly said the caption was “made in jest and with complete sarcasm intended.”

“It’s fairly evident I use satire a lot on my social media platforms. This comment in no way, shape or form is an accurate representation of my political beliefs,” she said, via Channel 10.

Similarly, Steph denied her Instagram post from 2020 had anything to do with her political beliefs.

“I was at the WildCats game in Perth, and this was the cutout I was given at random, to shake around and try to distract the players shooting free throws,” she said.

“It is in no way a reflection on my political views.”

So, there you go. If you’ve been hearing whispers about Trump-voting contestants on The Bachelor, consider that weird one debunked.

The Bachelor Australia continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.