Eternal MAFS Villain Bryce Has Ranted About The ‘Unacceptable’ Treatment Of Olivia This Szn


Just when you thought you didn’t have to read about MAFS buffoon Bryce Ruthven again, here we are with a grim update.

Last season’s villain has spoken out about THIS season’s villains and mate, no one asked you?

Well unfortunately someone did ask him — namely the Herald Sun, which published some quotes from Ruthven about controversial 2022 MAFS contestants Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie.

Ruthven went on a mini-rant about the “treatment” of Frazer in particular. This checks out because he also complained about his own “bad edit” last year on MAFS.

You might recall viewers complained about Ruthven’s treatment of Melissa Rawson, his MAFS wife who he now has twins with.

Friendly reminder to all reality TV cast members: if you don’t want your shitty comments to appear in a so-called “bad edit”, maybe don’t make shitty comments in the first place? Just a suggestion.

“Olivia and Jackson, [mine and Melissa’s] heart goes out to them. Watching them felt like we were watching us, just with roles reversed with Olivia being more like myself,” Ruthven told the publication about this year’s MAFS. Brief pause while I vomit into a bush.

“I think what they have copped — particularly Olivia — outside of the show is next level and it is unacceptable.”

Ruthven is likely referring to fans who found out Frazer’s address and yelled fucked up things at her.

Harassment is never OK, and clearly some people need to separate reality TV from actual reality. Though it was difficult to watch Frazer treat the other MAFS stars like shit this season, particularly Domenica Calarco.

Ruthven went on to say he and partner Melissa Rawson have reached out to Frazer and her MAFS husband Jackson Lonie and simply raved about the pair.

“We have been in touch with them and spoken to them and honestly they seem like two great humans and are nice people. They are living together, you are not living together unless you have something good going on.” Well that’s a mass generalisation, but go off king.

Here’s hoping this remains a virtual friendship between the two couples and the MAFS producers don’t try to set up an all-villain spinoff anytime soon.

Who are we kidding, we’d hate-watch that in a second.