MAFS 2022’s Carolina Santos hung up on an interview with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa after a seriously fkd line of questioning. My friends, it’s 2022, can we quit it with the random bursts of sexist nonsense?

In case you missed it, 33-year-old business owner Carolina is the hot topic on MAFS at the moment, after entering a cheating scandal with fitness trainer Daniel Holmes, leaving her hubby Dion Giannarelli in the dust.

I mean, good for her to go after what she wants. Marriage is a flimsy-ass construct anyway.

To kick off the interview, Fitzy asked Miss Santos if she was more interested in Daniel than Dion, which anyone who has seen the show would be able to answer for you in seconds.

“Look, Daniel is definitely good looking. He’s definitely more my type right? But yeah, that’s all I’m gonna say,” answered Carolina.

Fitzy then moved the line of questioning to how Carolina rated her hubby Dion third last amongst all the other men on MAFS.

“Yeah, maybe at this point we weren’t getting along,” Carolina said.

“I don’t know, I think we were at that point where we’re just not flirting so much, [it] was more like a friendship.

“I’ll give him credit. He’s been like, obviously trying.”

After this, Fitzy asked Carolina what she was doing if Dion was trying so hard to make it work.

This is when things started to get a bit awry. From here we definitely move into major uncomfortable hours, and I’m honestly proud of Carolina for refusing to feed into Fitzy’s bullshit.

“I think I’m just having too much wine with Daniel and too busy doing that,” she said.

“No, actually, I don’t know, he is trying. I struggle trusting men for things that I’ve gone through and I just stopped because we weren’t getting along and not just looks, a bit of a personality as well.”

Shock horror, a woman who stops entertaining a relationship that she isn’t at all benefitting from.

Fitzy however wouldn’t let the answer go as it is, and pounced on it some more with some pure fuckery.

“There’s a little level of etiquette in there as well, Carolina, you put him seventh out of everyone… and he put you [as] number one and you accused him of lying and trying to make himself look better.

“Now Carolina. I know this is harsh, but you’ve got a 16-year-old son. Do you think that’s you’re setting a good example for him?”

Fkn excuse me? What the fuck does her son have to do with this? Leave him out of this and keep your sexist bullshit to yourself.

At this point, Carolina just hangs up, and honestly, yes. The best move here. Fitzy was absolutely out of line and Carolina doesn’t deserve the bullshit.

Clearly, Fitzy was trying to nudge her for gossipy answers, but this is a human being, not some cartoon character on a TV show. As ridiculous as reality TV may be, we have to respect that these are individuals with lives. Question their bullshit all they want, but all Carolina is doing is going after what she wants and entertaining all of us in the meantime.

Hanging up is the ultimate power move. I fkn stan it TBH.