MAFS’ resident gym rat Daniel Holmes has gone rogue and slammed the cast for ripping into his alleged new flame Carolina Santos.

Carolina was called out in last night’s episode for being fkn cruel to her on-screen husband Dion Giannarelli, who appeared at the dinner party without her. The pair have had a rocky time after Carolina’s ~brutal honesty~ revealed that she can’t stand the bloke and finds him unattractive.

Tensions bubbled over at last night’s dinner party when the cast called Carolina out for being mean and disinterested, but Daniel (AKA the guy Carolina is actually thirsting after) has come to her defence.

In a video obtained by The Daily Mail, Daniel went on a rogue rant accusing MAFS of giving Carolina a bad edit. A tale as old as time.

“So Andrew walks in the dinner party, talks a little bit about Holly and apparently is throwing her under the bus,” he began, referencing some of the show’s earlier drama.

“Selin walks in and talks about how she feels about Anthony and apparently she’s throwing him under the bus,” he continued, then referencing this absolute shitshow of a pairing.

“Dion walks in and absolutely roasts Carolina to all these dorks, and she is the worst of all time and Dion is a hero.

“These narratives are a joke.

“If you only knew the truth, if only you knew the truth,” he concluded dramatically.

Daniel’s defence of Carolina doesn’t come as a surprise since they’ve had ridiculously sweaty gym chemistry on the show and viewers are pretty sure they cheat with each other.

But what does come as a surprise is that his suspicions Carolina has been done dirty are, well, potentially not wrong.

While she has absolutely behaved like a turd, fellow cast member Ella Ding shaded producers in an interview yesterday where she said it looks like couples get mismatched on purpose for the drama.

Considering Carolina and Daniel had instant chemistry and both struggled to vibe with their assigned partners, her suspicions are nothing to sneeze at.

In the meantime, I really hope Carolina grows a spine and just leaves Dion already. As much as we hated watching her eye-fuck Daniel at last night’s secret gym date, she’s clearly better off with him. No need to drag out the drama, right?

But alas, this is MAFS.