Here’s Which MAFS 2022 Stars Have Been Actors On Our Screens Before Entering The Reality Show

mafs 2022 actors acting history

When MAFS 2022 was in full swing, we started to cop a bunch of tea about the brides and grooms, including which ones are secretly actors.

While the fact that some contestants have their own IMDb and Star Now pages doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not actually looking for love, it’s still an intriguing detail, isn’t it?

Sure, actors need love too. But it’s always good to know which ones have been on our screens before!

Anthony Cincotta

MAFS groom Anthony, who goes by Tommy Hellfire in the wrestling world, has a number of acting gigs under his belt.

The wrestler has starred in a couple of flicks in the sci-fi, thriller and horror genres, including Cult Girls, SheBorg and MurderDrone.

Here’s a fun lil clip he also once starred in:

Also here he is starring in a Ryobi commercial once upon a time:

Selina Chhaur

Selina may not be an actor, per se, but this certainly isn’t her first time on telly!

In fact, it’s not even her first time getting hitched on telly!

The So Dramatic! podcast revealed that Selina appeared on the 2019 season The Proposal, a Seven dating show in which the contestants get engaged to a stranger.

It’s literally just a Kmart version of MAFS.

Selina with The Proposal host, Luke Jacobz. (Credit: Seven)

But wait, it gets weirder: on her season of the show, she got engaged to Aaron Shaw who would go on to appear on Love Island Australia.

It obvs didn’t work out for either of them, hence why they tried spinning the dice once again with another reality show.

Selina with Love Island star Aaron. (Credit: Instagram)

Holly Greenstein

Perhaps the most accomplished actor on the list, Holly Greenstein, has starred in a plethora of films and TV shows.

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According to her IMDb page, which features some very tizzy headshots, the MAFS bride has starred in Aussie shows The One: The Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic and The Bondi Chronicles, as well as American science-fiction series Timeless, which also starred Abigail Spencer (Grey’s Anatomy) and Matt Lanter (90210).

She’s also done some modelling work, including this random Rebel Sport ad:

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Domenica Calarco

Feisty MAFS bride Dom doesn’t necessarily have any acting credits, but according to her Star Now page, she did some promo dance work for Playstation back in 2011.

As pointed out by the So Dramatic! podcast, she’s also cemented herself as a beauty influencer and has worked for a bunch of different brands.

Here are some examples:

Selin Mengu

According to Daily Mail Australia, Selin had a StarNow profile that she ~conveniently~ deactivated just before MAFS kicked off. Not at all suss, aye?

The now-defunct profile’s talent bio read: “I am an agency-represented model. Looking at working closely with makeup artists, fashion designers, photographers and promotional.”

Insiders told the publication that Selin has since “given up” on her modelling career and is now focused on raising her son.

Mitch Eynaud

The Gold Coast-based financial planner is reportedly signed to Chic Management in Brisbane and has graced the covers of several magazines.

Did he sign on to MAFS for even greater exposure? Hm…

Andrew Davis

As for Texan Andrew, he hosts a fitness podcast, ironically titled Not A Fitness Podcast, in which he spews “stories about overcoming adversity and personal transformations.”