Jess & Domenica Continued Their Wednesday Night MAFS Beef On *Checks Notes* Kyle & Jackie O?

MAFS is no longer confined to your Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings: it’s now part of your morning commute too. If you’re one of the 45 people who still listen to talk radio, that is.

Sometimes reality TV shows cop accusations of being scripted or having manufactured drama. But that’s clearly not true in the case of MAFS, because brides Domenica and Jessica continued their TV barney on Kyle & Jackie O.

The perfect place to resolve a dispute. Judge Judy for the ears, I say.

Now who said video killed the radio star?

In case you somehow missed the blowout on Wednesday night’s ep, you can read more at our recap here.

But in summary, Domenica went in on Jess at a dinner party. Jess’ crime? Calling her husband Daniel a “little bitch” and freely admitting to it at dinner.

Certainly a choice, much like choosing to bring anything other than ALDI wine to a dinner party is a choice.

It’s now clear that since filming wrapped up, the pair haven’t set aside their differences and become besties. Cue Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson, relationship counsellors from Dante’s sixth circle of hell.

Jess told the radio hosts that Dom was “dismissive” of her and then rehashed all of Wednesday’s drama. Apologies to any Kyle & Jackie O listeners who don’t watch MAFS I guess.

“You wouldn’t give me the time to actually tell you the stories [of Daniel and I],” Jess said.

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Domenica then tried to cut her off and defend herself, but Jess kept going like an audio bull in a microphone china shop.

“I kept trying to explain this to you, I explained [it] to the other people and they understood and it was all fine but with you, it wasn’t like that,” Jess continued.

“You wanted to come for me. You know you wanted to come for me and that’s how it was.”

Domenica then started to apologise when Jess cut her off mid-apology. A bold move, to be sure.

“You know exactly what you were doing and I’m not going to buy this … I know who I am,” Jess said.

Then Domenica uttered one of the best idioms I have ever heard in my short, sweet life.

“I’m really happy that you know who you are and I know who I am,” she started.

“The fact that you still continue to think that I was coming for you – I didn’t know you from a bar of soap.”

I don’t know you from a bar of soap? Iconic behaviour.

Domenica then accused Jess of putting “words in [her] mouth”. Perhaps that previously mentioned bar of soap could be used to wash some tongues.

The fight awkwardly ended with Jess saying the girls will have her back and Dom repeating her words back to her sarcastically. A surefire way to win an argument!

It then ended with Kyle Sandilands going: “All’s well that ends well. Thank you ladies.”

If anything, this is clearly a sign that I should listen to the radio more if I want juicy tea.