Here’s How Much The Love Island Contestants Cop To Mack On With Hot Strangers In The Villa

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Wondering how much dosh the Love Island Australia 2021 contestants are copping to mack on with strangers in the Byron Bay Villa?

Well thanks to our favourite tea-spiller, the So Dramatic! podcast, we now have the answer!

A sneaky insider spoke to the reality TV poddy and claimed that the cast receive a daily fee of $150 for expenses, as well as bonus dosh for any brand-affiliated posts (read: #sponcon) that they make while in the Villa.

Love Island bloody loves a bit of paid promo, and whenever the gang sashay around in a certain brand, it usually means they cop some extra dollarydoos for it.

“They get absolute bank for the brand deals they do during filming,” the insider told host Megan Pustetto. “They get paid about $1,000 per post.”

“They are basically giving them paid sponsored Instagram content to do in the villa.”

Have a listen to the latest ep of the So Dramatic! podcast for more Love Island Australia tea.

We recently wrote a piece in which we ranked all the reality TV shows based on how much contestants are paid. Go suss it out for the salary sitch of other local reality series.

As a preview: MAFS contestants reportedly cop $150 a day, according to former contestant Telv Williams who spilled the goss in a spicy Q&A on Instagram.

By comparison, apparently The Bachelor contestants get less than $100 a day. An anonymous ex-contestant told The Daily Telegraph that “you don’t get paid a wage as such, you get given a weekly expense allowance which is under $100 a day. It is below minimum wage.”

However, this year the Bachie salary saw an increase thanks to the contract bonus that was recently introduced as an incentive to stop the contestants from dropping spoilers.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, the cast were offered an additional $5000 if they handed over their IG passwords and didn’t drop any spoilers until a specified date (which old mate Konrad Bien-Stephens might be in jeopardy of losing after *that* party pash with Abbie Chatfield).

Much like how the Love Island Australia contestants reportedly receive bonus bucks for doing promo. We do love a bonus!