A Rogue Love Island Contestant Revealed The Weird-Ass Rules They Had To Live By In The Villa

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

A rogue Love Island Australia 2022 star has shared some of the rules contestants are forced to live by in the villa and ooft, spill the tea, queen!

Speaking to So Dramatic!, recently evicted contestant Phoebe Han lifted the lid on the following set of rules…

There’s a grog limit

Apparently the alcohol limit was even stricter this year than in previous seasons.

Han claimed they were only allowed to consume two drinks maximum for certain events, while most nights, they could only have one.

“I was there for two weeks. There were only two nights out of the two weeks that we actually got offered the two drinks,” she said.

“I’m really lightweight, so there was one night out of the two that they actually gave me water for my second drink.”

Two drinks per night in that environment would be literal torture, IMO.

But at least it saves you from making a total turkey of yourself on national telly.

They weren’t allowed to know the time

For some insane reason, producers didn’t want contestants knowing the time of day.

They took extreme measures to avoid them clocking the, erm, clock by fucking with the time that was displayed on their Love Island phones.

“There’s like nothing on [the phones]. Everyone has like a different time on it and there wasn’t even anything on them. All we had was like a camera, a gallery and then like the text that we get from like production,” she explained.

Although at one point, contestant Maddy Gillbanks realised the air-con had the real time and when producers found out, they covered it with gaffer tape.

Fkn wild.

Contestants couldn’t use their phones during quarantine

Can you imagine what lockdown would’ve been like without our phones?

Welp, that’s a harsh reality contestants had to face during their essential week of quarantine before entering the villa.

Why? Because news of MAFS bloke Al Perkins‘ casting had leaked and they didn’t want contestants finding out.

“They took the phones off for the remainder of bombshells straight after they got off their plane,” Han said.

Damn, that would’ve sucked!

Love Island Australia is currently airing on Nine.