Here’s Some Intel On The Public ‘Love Island’ Smanging, You Depraved Units

Of all the Love Island Australia contestants, Erin Barnett and Eden Dally are the most open about rooting in the villa.

The long-time couple (for the show, guys. They’ve been together in normal time for like a month) make no secret that they’re having sex and have been doing so since day dot. But now ex-contestants are spilling on just how DGAF they actually are about the rumpy pumpies.

‘Erin and Eden had some special moments under the covers… there was little bit of noise,” he told Daily Mail. “It wasn’t very beautiful. That was no music to my ears that’s for sure.”

While he heard what went on, he assures us all he wasn’t witness to any white naked bums flailing around.

I didn’t see it – thank God –  because I might have to join a religion for that.’

This isn’t the first time an ex contestant has talked about their public sex. Natasha told Daily Telegraph they were extremely proud of their communal bedroom bone-time.

“[They would] high-five each other after and do a big thumbs-up. Everybody knows when it is going to happen. It hasn’t happened every night, though.”

Wild stuff, mates.