He’s hereeeeeee! MAFS 2022 star Al Perkins has joined Love Island Australia and we’ve got the footage to prove it.

The reality show dropped the exciting news by sharing a video of Al entering the villa.

“From #MAFS groom ✈️ to Love Island BOOM! Al bloody Perkins is touching down in the Villa next week!” the caption read.

Al also shared the announcement on his page, writing: “This divorcee is heading in to the Villa! Wonder how a Spanish shoey will taste? Don’t miss @loveislandau next week on @9now #LoveIslandAU.”

Speaking to TV Blackbox, Al said “going on MAFS was one of the best experiences of my life, and everyone knows I was pretty unlucky in finding love.”

He added, “So when this opportunity came up I thought why not have not have another crack and hopefully find love the second time around.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go over to Spain – the sun, meeting beautiful people and just having a great time – I can’t wait.”

Queen Sophie Monk previously confirmed the rumour while speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I thought that was perfect,” she said.

“I was watching him on MAFS and straightaway when I saw him I thought, ‘Why is he not on Love Island?’ because he had never had a girlfriend when he got married. So I think it’s really good for him.

“He’s hilarious and he really had a good time. I don’t want to give too much away, but it was great for him.”

She went on to say that despite this not being his first reality TV rodeo, he’s perfectly humble on set.

“He’s just a very sweet, innocent guy. He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body,” she said.

“He sometimes speaks without thinking, and I don’t even know if it will make the cut sometimes but he’s hilarious.”

An insider previously told the So Dramatic! podcast that Al had been signed on to Love Island Australia — which makes sense since it’s a Nine show like MAFS.

Daily Mail later spotted him lounging around on the set with other cast members. Honestly, he looked like he’s having a great fkn time. Wish I was in Spain instead of in this rainy, wet spring weather.

Considering Al quit carpentry to be an influencer and his joint podcast and Instagram account with Brent Vitiello has been put on hold, I suppose it makes sense he would find something else to fill his time. He wasn’t very lucky in love on MAFS so maybe this is his chance? We love a himbo comeback.

I wonder how many shoeys we’ll see on Love Island Australia now.

Al isn’t the first MAFS star from last season to nab another stint on reality TV.

Fellow fan-fave Ella Ding was recently confirmed to be appearing on UK show Made in Chelsea as a love interest of one of its British hotties.

However, it doesn’t look like that relationship lasted long — Ella confirmed she only appeared on the show briefly and said she was pretty keen to head back home. RIP.

Honestly, what I want to know is which of these people are going on Survivor. Now that’s a crossover I’m keen for.

Image: Nine