Love Island Winners-Slash-Exes Tina & Mitch Are Coming Back To The Villa So Prep For Drama

Love Island Australia 2021 winners Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd are heading back into the villa, but not everyone is happy about their return. Folks, you’ve been asking for a Love Island All-Stars, this is as close as you’re gonna get!

Provis and Hibberd captured the hearts of Aussies and each other during their first stint on the show but broke up shortly after. Now we get to watch the two interact as exes which should make for some très spicy viewing.

Historians of the gossip museum, So Dramatic, actually predicted Provis and Hibberd would be returning way back in October after the duo conveniently disappeared off Instagram at the same time.

“Producers are obviously hoping for fireworks between the pair, which they’re hoping results in ratings,” an insider told the podcast’s host Megan Pustetto.

“They enter the show midway through.”

Well, how about that? Now that the two have confirmed their return to the villa, we can expect some major drama. I mean it’s either that or they get back together, which I don’t really see happening.

Some fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment about the duo returning.

It’s not because Hibberd and Provis make for bad television or anything. Fans are getting a bit antsy because the pair literally just won the most recent season.

Fresh new faces are always a fun time for viewers, but I’m sure this twist will make for a wild time. It’s Love Island Australia, friends, it’s not that deep.

Other viewers aren’t pleased by how many contestants on this year’s Love Island are from other reality TV shows. We already have Vakoo Kauapirura from The Bachelor and Al Perkins from Married At First Sight. 

Adding on two former Love Island lovebirds makes a total of four contestants whose personalities we’ve already seen before.

Maybe the show should just consider doing an All-Stars at this point and include people from across all kinds of shows.

Now I think about it, a Love Island All-Stars would be simply iconic. Maybe we could even get former contestants from all the different international seasons together like Ru Paul’s Drag Race Vs The World?

I’m just excited to see where the drama goes.

Who knows, maybe the added spice of having two bonafide Love Island experts will shake things up even more? One thing’s for sure: we’re in for some truly chaotic reality TV.