Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Celebrity Fling Is A Special Kind Of Creepy For Multiple Reasons


Leonardo DiCaprio has outdone himself once again with the latest gal he is rumoured to have his eye on. Though she is indeed 25 years old (of course she is), their age gap feels a little more pronounced given with the fact that he had a fling with her older sister… before she was even born.

Leo and supermodel Kate Moss were papped together in 1993 (30 YEARS AGO), and it was widely rumoured that the two hooked up.

At the time, they were both 19 years old.

Fast forward three decades, and a now 49-year-old Leo was spotted with Kate’s younger half-sister Lottie Moss, who wasn’t born until five years after the alleged fling. YUCK.

The two were seen together at Chiltern Firehouse in London — a local haunt for celebs — reports The Sun. A source told the publication the two were “having a great time” and seemed “really close”.

“They arrived separately, but within only a few minutes of each other, and were on a table with other friends,” the source claimed.

“But although there was a big group of them they only seemed to have eyes for each other.”

I mean, while we should definitely take any tabloid sources with a grain of salt, this whole interaction is pretty on brand for Leo.

Lottie Moss is the younger half-sister of Kate Moss and was born in 1998. Image: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images.

The aging actor almost exclusively dates young, blonde models in their early 20s. Notoriously, he tends to break up with them right around their 25th birthday, with the exception of when he dated Gigi Hadid who was positively geriatric by his standards at 27-years-old.

There were also rumours he was dating 28-year-old UK Love Island host Maya Jama, but I’m pretty suss about that.

A savage source claimed to the Daily Mail that this was because “by the time girls reach 25, they’re looking for more — they’re looking to get married and settle down.”

“He does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that,” the source continued.

“The minute a girl meets him, the clock is ticking. If she gets too old, in a couple of years, she is gone. If she gets too close, in a couple of years, she is gone.”

Whether or not this is true, we also can’t discount the fact that women, once they get older, are probably also realising the weird vibes of their relo.

Just like Leo’s other rumoured girlfriends, Lottie is a blonde 25-year-old model.

She turns 26 in January though, so don’t worry — she’ll be free of his clutches soon.

Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images