Leonardo DiCaprio Is Rumoured To Be Dating UK Love Island Host Maya Jama & Get This Guys, She’s 28!!!

It’s a great day for women in their late 20s, my friends.

Forget about how we just can’t bounce back from bottomless brunch the way we used to or how we’re slowly turning into our mums. Because now, thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio, we’re desirable to men again. Thank GOD.

According to reports by the The Sun, the 48-year-old actor is dating the host of the UK’s Love Island, Maya Jama.

And get this guys, she’s 28 years old. A whopping THREE years older than Leo’s usual type: 25 year olds.

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?!

(Credit: Instagram / Maya Jama @mayajama)

The rumours started in February after Maya was spotted hanging out in London with the formerly young actor who is trying to keep his youth alive. The pair then reconnected in March in New York City.

“Maya and Leo are in regular contact and have been on several dates,” a source told The Sun.

However, an alleged insider from Leo’s camp has already denied the rumours. They claimed that while Leo and Maya had been introduced by mutual friends, they’re not dating. They’re just “having fun”.

“They have both recently come out of long-term relationships so neither of them are rushing into anything – they are having fun and seeing how it goes,” the insider told The Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Maya is yet to address the rumours.

While The Sun and The Daily Mail aren’t exactly the pinnacle for reliable news sources, it’s not the first time Leo has been linked to a woman over the age of 25.

In September 2022, Leo was spotted out to dinner with 27-year-old international model Gigi Hadid. They reportedly continued dating casually until February this year.

He’s so brave, isn’t he?

Now the reports are in that he’s allegedly seeing Maya, I reckon Leo is implementing a step-by-step approach to dating age-appropriate women. Maybe next we’ll see him fuck around and date someone in their 30s. God, wouldn’t that be exhilarating?

You know what they say, baby steps. Let’s not rush the bloke, I guess.

But for now, whether the rumours are true or not, I’m going to rest easy knowing I have at least one more year in my prime until I reach my use-by date at 29.