Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrated NYE in the Most Leo Way Possible

Linda Evangelista doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, but Leonardo DiCaprio apparently does not go anywhere unless he has a posse of at least half a dozen very attractive women rolling with him.
He established this precedent last month when he left a Miami club with a group of 20 eligible ladies, leaving a terrified Joe Jonas in his wake, looking like he was going to “drown and suffocate in the women.” 
This weekend, photos have begun to emerge of Leo ringing on the new year on the island of St. Bart’s, with a downsized but still totally respectable gaggle of six bikini beach babes.
It’s impressive that he can manage to pull with that beard and those chains, but then, he’s Leonardo Fucking DiCaprio, so it’s hardly surprising. The photos are utterly incredible:

Our favourite is the one where Poppa Leo he just wants to eat his pizza or whatever rich people snack that is, but his bevy of ladies just won’t get out of his grill:

Here’s proof that even when Leo’s grooming situation resembles Saddam Hussein fresh out of hiding in an underground bunker, he can still get it:

We hope you enjoyed this hard news report.
via Dlisted
Photo: Frazer Harrison via Getty Images