Leonardo DiCaprio, Hater Of The Prefrontal Cortex, Was Spotted Getting Dinner With A 23YO Model

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with 23yo model

Only three things are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and Leonardo DiCaprio being spotted with women under 25 years old. The latest rumoured link? Model Victoria Lamas.

If you thought Leonardo DiCaprio may be reformed from his youth-dating ways because of his stint dating the geriatric *gasp* 27-year-old Gigi Hadid, you’d be wrong.

Victoria Lamas is 23-years-old with some relatively unknown acting gigs, a modelling contract and famous parents: Lorenzo Lamas (Lance Cumson in Falcon Crest, or for the Gen Z girlies, Dr. Hollywood in Big Time Rush) and former Playboy “Playmate of the Month” Shauna Sand.

Lamas has been described as an “aspiring actress” by other publications but this whole thing is giving “nepotism baby”. So it makes perfect sense she was spotted leaving a club with DiCaprio in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

The two left The Bird Streets Club separately, but were papped getting into a car together while laughing and joking, as can be seen in photos obtained by the Daily Mail.

An anonymous source has since told Page Six the pair are not, in fact, an item and were just seated together at the same event. Interesting.

The model was born in 1999, which was two years after Leonardo DiCaprio’s most iconic film Titanic was released. She’s 25 years younger than him, which makes me scream “yikes” but we shouldn’t be surprised.

Aside from his links to Gigi Hadid, who he is supposedly still seeing casually, DiCaprio was rumoured to have dated 22-year-old Ukrainian model Maria Beregova earlier this year, only weeks after he broke up with Camila Morrone just after her 25th birthday.

DiCaprio’s refusal to date women with a fully-developed prefrontal cortex is one with a long history and lots of theories behind it.

A source who claimed to be close to Leo spoke out about his creepy dating habits in September and claimed the whole thing was strategic.

“By the time girls reach 25, they’re looking for more — they’re looking to get married and settle down. That is not what Leo wants,” the source said, per Page Six. Take this with a grain of salt, bbs

“He does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that,” the source continued.

“The minute a girl meets him, the clock is ticking. If she gets too old, in a couple of years, she is gone. If she gets too close, in a couple of years, she is gone.

“He’s gotten older but his taste has not gotten any older.”

Fkn gross. And while there’s no way to know the source is legit, we definitely know one thing: the pattern remains. And it’s pretty icky on its own.