A Savage Source Exposed Why Leo Only Dates Under 25s After He Was Spotted W/ A New 22 Y.O. Gal

Leonardo DiCaprio source reveals why he only dates women under 25

Leonardo DiCaprio, nothing if not consistent, is already rumoured to be seeing *another* 20-something-year-old model exactly one (1) day after his split from Camila Morrone.

Daily Mail reported a “mystery woman” who was immediately revealed to be the recently single Maria Beregova, a Ukrainian model.

Maria was spotted partying with Leo and his celeb friends on his luxury yacht in St Tropez, France in July — just a few weeks after Camila’s 25th birthday. Interesting.

Importantly, Maria is a lovely, ripe 22-year-old (in what I imagine Leo’s inner monologue to be). Perfect for a solid three-year relationship before she is unceremoniously dumped for reaching her expiration date!

In fact, it looks like the rumours Leo only dates younger women specifically are becoming more and more reputable by the day.

A source claiming to be close to Leo has actually spoken out about his creepy dating habits and claimed the whole thing is strategic.

“By the time girls reach 25, they’re looking for more — they’re looking to get married and settle down. That is not what Leo wants,” the source said, per Page Six. Grain of salt, etc.

“He does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that,” the source continued.

“The minute a girl meets him, the clock is ticking. If she gets too old, in a couple of years, she is gone. If she gets too close, in a couple of years, she is gone.

“He’s gotten older but his taste has not gotten any older.”

Fucking YIKES.

ICYMI, earlier this week sources close to Leonardo DiCaprio reported he and his now-ex girlfriend Camila Morrone had broken up. Which wouldn’t be so interesting if it wasn’t for the fact their split happened just weeks after her 25th birthday.

This seems to be a pattern with Leo, who has never dated a woman older than 25-years-old, despite the fact that he is 47 himself. In fact, someone even made this handy graph to prove it:

A man who prefers women without a fully developed prefrontal cortex because they’re more easily led and less likely to demand the bare minimum? Shocking.